Legacies season 2 : a tribute to Klaus for the return of Freya

Legacies saison 2 : un bel hommage à Klaus pour le retour de Freya

Legacies season 2 : a tribute to Klaus in episode 6

Before the return already in the highly anticipated Chris Wood in the role of Kai Parker, it is a ex of The Originals, which happens in season 2 of Legacies : Freya, the aunt of Hope, will make an appearance in the episode 6 broadcast Thursday 21 November on the CW in the USA. In an interview, his interpreter, Riley Voelkel has been a revelation on the tribute that will be handed over to Klaus on the occasion of his coming. Attention, spoilers !

Spin-off The Originals, which is itself the series derived from The Vampire Diaries, Legacies has made several references to the universe of TVD since its inception. In one episode, it was discovered, for example, that Damon and Elena were the parents of a daughter, and the character Kai played by Chris Wood will soon make an appearance on the school Salvatore. But it is not the only one !

The beautiful tribute of Legacies to Klaus

For the return of Freya in episode 6 of season 2 of Legacies, the series has provided a nice tribute to Klaus. In an interview to TVGuide, Riley Voelkel has unveiled the first name of the baby to Freya, and Keelin : Nik, in reference to Niklaus, the real name of the character played by Joseph Morgan. “Freya is always very happy in her marriage with Keelin and they have a child. They have a son named Nik, I think you can guess in reference to what character. Fans of Freelin (the couple’s name Freya/Keelin, ed) will be very happy, “says the actress. What you need to make a new tribute to the character death in the finale of The Originals !

Other returns approach ?

While we also expect the return of Kai Parker, it would be possible to see other characters from the universe The Vampire Diaries in Legacies ? It’s not impossible ! “Every time that we can see these characters in the past, we are very happy. Julie (Plec, the creator and producer of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies, ed) and I have always said that the door is open so if people want to come back, they are part of the foundations that have made Legacies, therefore, we are always happy to see them” assured the producer Brett Matthews.

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