Legault accused of having waited too long

Legault accusé d’avoir trop attendu

The government has been slow to impose the wearing of mask in public transport, complain to the opposition parties, who are urging François Legault to be more proactive.

“One has the impression that there is no plan and that it reacts from the moment it has pressure, throws the chief liberal Dominique Anglade, in an interview. I have the impression that it is expected that the problem happens to react. II need to know anticipate ! “

The cover face will be mandatory in buses and the metro starting on 13 July, announced earlier this week, François Legault and his partner, Horacio Arruda.

All users aged 12 and over will be required to wear the mask. But the access to collective transport will not be formally prohibited to people without covers face only from the 27 July.

For Manon Massé, this situation is “contradictory” and ” ambiguous “, with the image of the speech of the prime minister and the national director of public health about the mask these last few months.

If this protection is important to stop the spread of the virus, why wait another two weeks before making it mandatory ? asked the parliamentary chief of Québec solidaire.

Common sense

Ms. Massé does not substitute to the public health to say whether one should impose the wearing of the mask also in enclosed public places, such as shops. But in this respect, it will leave its “common sense” guide.

“If I have the door in the transit because I am not able to meet the two meters, my common sense tells me that if I’m in a trade and I am not able to meet the two meters, I should wear it “, she insists.

The interim leader of the parti québecois Pascal Bérubé reminds us that his party had asked the mask-wearing compulsory in the public transport of the metropolis from may 13. It does not explain either the delay of additional two weeks in order to impose the port of the cover face. “If it is so important, why have you waited so much and why wait before implementing it ? “

Arruda renewed

Moreover, note that the government Legault has renewed the Dr Arruda in his capacity as national director of public health and assistant deputy minister of Health for another term of three years.

The government caquiste has renewed its trust in Dr Arruda, while Quebec is preparing to face a second wave of the epidemic.

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