Legault and Marchand want answers on the muscular arrests in Quebec

Legault and Marchand want answers on the muscular arrests in Quebec

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Premier Legault and Mayor Marchand both pleaded Thursday for an in-depth investigation which will allow us to get “to the bottom of things” on what is happening to the Quebec police force, after the unveiling of 'a fourth brutal intervention video.

During an activity at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec, the two politicians were arrested over a new video unveiled by Le Journal and which probably involves the same police officer. & Nbsp;

“It’s disturbing that he has one, two, three, four videos, that there seem to be interventions that are not acceptable. Now there are police officers who have been suspended. There is an internal investigation and an investigation by the Ethics Commissioner that is also being carried out. I'm going to make sure, Geneviève Guilbault and I, together with the mayor of Quebec and the SPVM, will make sure that we get to the bottom of each file, ”said Premier François Legault. & Nbsp;

A few minutes later, the mayor of Quebec, Bruno Marchand, echoed his words. “Every video is unbearable. (…) there is something there that indicates a problem. The police chief is to speak to the media at 2 p.m. We will wait for the rest. We need a full investigation, the Prime Minister has said. Until we get to the bottom of it, we will not be satisfied. It's the same for me. ”

More details to come …


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