Legault attacked on his management of the first wave

Legault attacks his handling of the first wave

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In Quebec, the oppositions are not letting go and are maintaining the pressure to obtain an independent investigation into the management of the pandemic.

They also accuse the government of having wanted to create a diversion, Tuesday, by announcing the easing of the Holidays at the same time that they made a common front.

“François Legault does not speak the truth, when he is in the House, ”proclaimed the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon

The oppositions want to know why the crisis unit did not intervene before mid-April, when alarm signals had been sent on March 16 to a deputy minister who was at the heart of the decisions.

“There are messages which have been lost, which have not been surrendered or which have been ignored”, proclaimed in the chamber the PQ member Joël Arseneau.

“Was the Prime Minister, who was the head of the crisis unit, the only one not aware that we were going to the slaughterhouse in our CHSLDs?” Asked the leader of the Liberal Party, Dominique. Anglade.

Prime Minister François Legault continued to affirm that Quebec has never been out of stock in terms of protective equipment.

“We have realized, indeed, that there had been a distribution problem. Is it between the private CHSLD and the CISSS? Is it between the CISSS and the ministry? There are three investigations, currently, which are looking at the details of all this “, however indicated François Legault.

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