Legault owes restaurateurs an apology, says QS

Legault owes restaurateurs an apology, says QS

Québec solidaire asks the Prime Minister, François Legault, to apologize to restaurateurs in the red zones for going beyond the public health recommendation by closing their dining rooms.

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Asked by opposition parties on Wednesday evening, the national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, revealed that he had instead advised the government to allow dinners at restaurants, but only between members of the same bubble.

A decision that has had terrible effects for many restaurateurs, recalled the co-spokesperson for Quebec solidaire, Manon Massé.

” [François Legault] made a political choice, which is his, except that the choice he made, he knew he was going to put companies in jeopardy and he should have said to his Minister of the Economy: Well, you are going to support this world, ”she insisted, deploring the complexity of the compensation programs put in place.

Denouncing a “political decision”, the parliamentary leader of the Parti Québécois, Pascal Bérubé, invited the Prime Minister to take the lead and revealed if he had taken other decisions that went beyond the recommendations of public health.

“The government systematically tells us […] that it is always public health that decides. Okay. Well, we learned that this is not true, that there are exceptions, ”he maintained.

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