Legault threat to adopt the PL61 under gag order

Legault menace d’adopter le PL61 sous bâillon

ALMA | François Legault threat to adopt under gag bill 61 this fall, because he wants a maximum of infrastructure projects to be launched before the general elections of 2022.

“I want the maximum draft is at least started in the current mandate, which ends in two years and a quarter. It’s going to take us a new law, new regulations”, launched by the prime minister on Thursday during a press conference at Alma, Lac-Saint-Jean, in the margin of a regional tour.

The first version of the bill 61, which was presented at the very end of the parliamentary session in the spring, had been the target of general criticism of the civil society: monitoring committee of the Charbonneau commission, environmentalists, lawyers, and opposition parties.

He gave a lot of power to the government to advance a list of 200 projects: homes of the elderly, highways and hospitals, for example. Other projects could be added to this list in the course of the journey, and Quebec expanded its powers of expropriation for example.

40 000 workers to the house for nothing

In the Face of criticism, the government Legault had partially retreated, and presented a series of amendments. The legislative measure has not been finally adopted.

But the prime minister does not loose the piece. In its tour of Quebec, he hammered the importance of this law. At Alma, he stressed that the renovation of two operating theatres, three houses of the elders and the highway 70 between Alma and The Bay will not be possible without this law. The day before on the North Shore of Montreal, it was the same speech.

The new version will be “made as soon as the school year starts in the fall”. “I said, and I repeat, we will come back in the fall with a bill and if it is necessary to make a gag. We’re going to do,” quipped Mr. Legault.

He added that there are currently 40 000 construction workers “who are at home, unfortunately, because” we “will not be able to work on these infrastructure projects this summer because of the three opposition parties “. He then asked for their collaboration.


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