Legislative 2024: municipalities in the 3rd constituency of Gard voted more than 70% for RN deputy Pascale Bordes

Legislative 2024: municipalities in the 3rd constituency of Gard voted more than 70% for RN deputy Pascale Bordes

Lors du dépouillement au bureau n°1 à l’hôtel de ville de Bagnols-sur-Cèze dimanche 7 juillet. C.B.

Le vote RN s’enracine dans la 3e circonscription du Gard avec une députée, Pascale Bordes, qui gagne encore du terrain dans les villages.

Résultats des élections

The day after a presidential election, in 2022, or a blitzkrieg following an unexpected dissolution, whatever the situation and its final opponents – Anthony Cellier (presidential majority) in 2022 or Sabine Oromi (NFP) in 2024 –, Pascale Bordes roots the RN vote in the 3rd constituency of Gard. The Bagnolese lawyer was in fact the best elected of her far-right colleagues in the Gard, Sunday July 7, with 58.68% of the votes.

The re-elected MP takes the lead in 49 municipalities out of the 50 in her constituency – for 35 in 2022 –, with the notable exception of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. In this stronghold of the traditional right, where Anthony Cellier had his best score in 2022 (63.33% of the vote), the communist candidate of the New Popular Front, Sabine Oromi, is this time in the lead. Pascale Bordes post with six votes in advance (50.05% for 49.95%). A surprise since the RN candidate was in the lead at the end of the first round (with 33.93% of the votes) ahead of the Horizons candidate Christian Baume (26.31%). Some right-wing voters undoubtedly put an NFP ballot in the ballot box, after the presidential majority candidate withdrew on the evening of the first round, to block the extreme right.

A jump of ten points from first to
the second round in certain villages

A postponement of votes and a call to counter the RN far from being followed in small villages, where Pascale Bordes sometimes exceeds 70% of the votes cast with a jump of ten points between the first and second rounds.

As in Montfaucon (71.25% versus 61.36% in the first round), Pouzilhac (70.24% versus 61.15%), Saint-Etienne-des-Sorts (70.82% for 59.49%), Saint-Paul-les-Fonts (70.71% for 60.45%) and Théziers (73.63% for 66.12%). Orsan, Saint-Pons-la-Calm, Comps and Sernhac are close to 70%. It's in the Rhone Gard, in Codolet, where the MP has her best score ( 74.57% for 63.17% in the first round). A village on the banks of the Rhône, with 681 inhabitants, surrounded by vineyards, always inclined to vote for the RN.

Unheard of in the 3rd constituency, where in 2022, its highest score was already 67.22% in Saint-Bonnet-du-Gard.< /p>

In 19 other municipalities, it garnered more than 60% of the votes cast. Not in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, the main town of the constituency with its 18,500 inhabitants, where it does a little worse than in 2022, with 53.92% (compared to 54.81%). nbsp;%).

Results in the second round in the 3rd constituency of Gard:
Pascale Bordes: 58.68% (35,685 votes)
Sabine Oromi: 41, 32% (25, 133)
Abstention: 29.80%

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