Legislative 2024: the 2nd constituency of Gard, impregnable bastion of the RN ?

Legislative 2024: the 2nd constituency of Gard, impregnable bastion of the RN ?

La Camargue gardoise élit depuis 2012 un député d’extrême-droite. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Nicolas Meizonnet avait été élu dans un fauteuil en 2022. Il est candidat à sa réélection.

Falling into the hands of the extreme right in 2012, with the election of Gilbert Collard, the second constituency of Gard has become irrecoverable. for the candidates of the Republican arc ? The figures are, in any case, implacable. In 2022, Nicolas Meizonnet, the RN candidate, obtained 35.39% of the votes in the first round ahead of the presidential majority candidate Yvan Lachaud (23.05%), Coralie Ghirardi for la Nupes (21.79%) and Frédéric Touzellier for LR (8.72). In the second round, Meizonnet obtained 56.65% of the votes, against 43.35% for Lachaud, the largest victory for Gard.

What would cause candidate Meizonnet to be, two years later, weakened to the point of losing this constituency? Not much in appearance, especially after the historic result of the RN to the Europeans. However, its opponents believe in usury: "The RN has been in power for twelve years in our constituency and they haven't changed anything", declared Katy Guyot, elected socialist from Vauverdoise and candidate of the New Popular Front, in our columns. Something to amuse Nicolas Meizonnet: "Usury ? is in his dreams. All you have to do is see the results of the Europeans, including in Vauvert! Katy Guyot needs to reconnect with reality."

Besides Katy Guyot, the 2nd constituency of Gard is full of candidates. Sophie Pellegrin-Ponsole thus represents the party of Edouard Philippe (Horizons), certainly allied to the Macronists, but from which she willingly dissociates : "Me, I I'm right-wing. Macron, this is not my political family. Still on the right, the LR also chose a woman, Catherine Bolle… who does not intend to give an interview to the press throughout this campaign. Véronique Jullian will represent Ecology in the center (to be distinguished from Ecologists/EELV, present within the New Popular Front), when Stéphane Manson, former LO candidate, is registered as an "extreme left& quot; (he did not answer our calls).

This election does not seem to make the outgoing Nicolas Meizonnet tremble. Even if the latter plays it cautiously: "We are approaching this election with humility, we are on the ground to convince because nothing is ever won in the end. ;advance".

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