Legislative 2024: the interview with Daniel Pilaudeau, Lutte Ouvrière candidate in the 7th constituency of Hérault

Legislative 2024: the interview with Daniel Pilaudeau, Lutte Ouvrière candidate in the 7th constituency of Hérault

Daniel Pilaudeau est candidat LO dans la 7e circonscription de l’Hérault. Midi Libre – CAROLINE FROELIG

Daniel Pilaudeau est candidat Lutte Ouvrière dans la 7e circonscription de l’Hérault. Pour Midi Libre il revient sur son programme et les raisons de son engagement.

Can you present your background and the sources of your political commitment ?

I have been a retired postal worker for around fifteen years now. I started working at the age of 15, at the Halles de Rungis, then in handling and finally in the printing press before taking the competitive examination for La Poste. When I received my first pay slip, I immediately knew that I was going to be exploited for the rest of my life. In May 1968, I saw the demonstrations, then the red flags and the atmosphere that reigned in my father's factory. This impressed me a lot and at a very young age, I was revolted.

Why are you running for the legislative elections today??

I am running for Lutte Ouvrière, to make the workers' camp heard. I would like to tell them that change will not come with the National Rally of Marine Le Pen and Jordan Bardella. We can clearly see that the closer they get to power, the more they tend to contradict each other. Nor will it come from the New Popular Front: each time the left has been in power, it has betrayed its promises and, in a certain way, it has opened the doors to the National Rally. We won't trust them, even if there are interesting things in their program. The proletarian class must regain awareness of itself. Today it no longer feels in a position of strength, and I believe that the left has a responsibility in this.

Does this mean that you will not give voting instructions in the second round if you are not qualified?

Let's think first of all about the first round. We will see about the voting instructions later, with my comrades. For now, we still hope that there will be a surge in the working class electorate.

What are the main points of your program??

What we advocate is a general increase in salaries and pensions as well as their indexation to prices. There are many people today who do not eat steak every day in our country. Then, we are for the cancellation of the pension reform and that of unemployment insurance because it must be noted that for seven years, laws have been made against workers. It is unemployment and not the unemployed that we must attack. We are also for peace and we do not want to get dragged into a third world war. Our society is militarized and it prepares us to go and fight against other workers. We are internationalists and believe that it is the capitalists who make wars. The only war we are for is against big business.

More precisely, what are your proposals regarding the 7th constituency of Hérault ?

What I see are the ever-increasing difficulties that young people have to face. Above all, I see that they only get poorly paid and often temporary jobs. Restaurateurs are crying crocodile tears because they can't find anyone to hire: let them pay better! Housing, also with exploding prices, has become a real problem in Sète and its territory.

Do you think there is still room today for communist ideology?

Communism, and I am of course not talking about Stalinism, is the future. What we want is to share the wealth and for us, the workers, the retirees, the little people to simply live with dignity. Voting RN is shooting yourself in the foot, voting Popular Front is ensuring that they will betray. I say to your readers, choose your side: that of the workers.

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