Legislative 2024: this RN candidate was convicted of an armed hostage taking 30 years ago

Annie-Claire Bell, National Rally candidate in the third constituency of Mayenne, was convicted of armed hostage taking in 1995.

Pots she could have done without. The old actions of a National Rally candidate resurface in Mayenne, reveals Ouest-France. Annie-Claire Bell was convicted in 1995 for taking the general secretary of the Ernée town hall hostage using a rifle.< /p>

By browsing the archives of the local press, Internet users found the article dating from January 6, 1995 which recounts this news item.

Armed hostage taking

Annie-Claire Bell was not alone, our colleagues say. Her husband stood in front of the door while she threatened the town hall secretary general. Panicking, the latter had tried to control it, and a shot was fired, without causing any injuries: "The bullet which was engaged in the barrel fortunately lodged itself in the frame of a window, without causing any casualties, then placed the article.

The couple had previously notified the media. They had explained their crime by financial problems. Annie-Claire Bell was sentenced to ten months in prison and 26 months suspended sentence.< /p>

Contacted by our colleagues, she did not wish to return to this matter before the end of the legislative elections on Sunday. For the departmental delegate of the RN, Jean-Michel Cadenas "there is no criminal record, therefore no case"< /em>, time requires.

Many RN candidates singled out

In recent days, the postures of several candidates from the former National Front are causing disorder. Like Paule Veyre of Soras, also in Mayenne, who declared "I have a Jew as an ophthalmologist. And I have a Muslim dentist as a dentist" to defend himself against accusations of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia.

Or even the conspiratorial speeches of RN executives, recalled ConspiracyWatch, specialized observatory, a few days ago.

Whether it is the so-called conspiracy theory of "Great replacement" or positions anti-vax, the comments of aspiring deputies attached to the RN, among other accusations of disinformation, weigh on the party.

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