Legislative 2024: this sovereignist media that hides behind the “Popular Front”

Legislative 2024: this sovereignist media that hides behind the “Popular Front”

Michel Onfray's sovereignist media. SCREENSHOT Frontpopulaire.fr.

“Current events seen by sovereignists”: the site frontpopulaire.fr is far from the alliance made on the left for the legislative elections. Michel Onfray launched the journal in 2020.

“The EU, agent of migratory chaos”, Napoleon III sovereignist”?“, “Brexit seen from the people”… two keywords and a click on a search engine, "front" and "popular", lead very quickly to unexpected content: we are not with Ruffin, Mélenchon, Glucksmann, Roussel, nor with the arbitrations of the parties with a view to the next legislative elections.

No more in 1936, at the time of another left-wing political coalition, also with a view to the legislative elections, around the Radical Party, the French Section of the rsquo;Workers’ International and the Communist Party.

Front populaire is a sovereignist magazine created in 2020 by the philosopher and essayist Michel Onfray, with the producer Stéphane Simon, on an anti-liberal, populist and sovereignist line.

Controversy with Houellebecq

The publication has created controversy on several occasions, notably in November 2022, with the cross-interview between Michel Onfray and Michel Houellebecq who castigated the behavior of people of the Muslim faith. The Union of Mosques of France then filed a complaint.

In an interview with Le Figaro, this Friday June 14, Onfray is not surprised "by the tidal wave" of the RN, "predictable". He is concerned about the level reached by LFI, a "left-wing fascism".

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