Legislative 2024: what are the measures announced by Gabriel Attal in favor of purchasing power ?

Legislative 2024: what are the measures announced by Gabriel Attal in favor of purchasing power ?

Gabriel Attal a annoncé samedi en vue des élections législatives plusieurs mesures en faveur du pouvoir d’achat. ILLUSTRATION UNSPLASH

Gabriel Attal promised on Saturday several measures in favor of purchasing power in the event of victory of the presidential camp in the early legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, where the extreme right is given the favorite .

The Prime Minister unveiled these measures on Saturday June 15 in the regional daily press before the presentation, at the beginning of the week, of the majority's entire program.

Electricity bills

He confirms a drop in electricity bills of 15% "from next winter", which will represent for each French person, "200 euros less" on their bill, "thanks to the reform of the European electricity market that we have obtained".

The Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire had already committed on Tuesday to ensuring that the French's electricity bill would drop by 10 to 15% in February. nbsp;2025 thanks in particular to nuclear production, denouncing the energy strategy of the National Rally.

School supplies

The head of government is also considering "group purchases" of school supplies to lower the price up to at 15%.

Supermarkets will thus be able to offer "packs" of supplies whose lower prices will be the result of negotiations between the State and suppliers.

Mutual at "1 euro per day"

Gabriel Attal also proposes to work on the establishment of complementary health insurance "public" at 1&amp ;nbsp;euro per day for those who are not covered by mutual insurance.

Faced with the rise in prices of supplementary health insurance contracts, some mutual fund managers and experts are raising the idea of ​​less comprehensive and less expensive contracts.

Notary fees

The Prime Minister also promises to exempt first-time middle-class property buyers from notary fees, up to 250,000 euros.

"For middle-class French people who wish to own property for the first time, we will exempt notary fees in the event of purchasing a home up to 250 000& ;nbsp;euros", he details.

The "notary fees" include both the emoluments of notaries but also a tax, the transfer duties for valuable consideration (DMTO), which finances the communities.

Prime "Macron"

Gabriel Attal also plans to increase the amount of the so-called "Macron" bonus, paid by companies to their employees up to 10 000&nbsp ;euros, instead of 3 000 currently, "without charge or tax".

"To continue to pay for work, we will allow companies to increase the amount of the power of employment bonus up to 10,000 euros per year, without charge or tax. ;rsquo;purchase that they paid last year to 6 million employees", says the Prime Minister.

The value sharing bonus (PPV) has replaced since July 2022 the exceptional purchasing power bonus put in place in 2019, called & quot;Macron bonus".

But this new bonus is no longer popular since the end of its tax exemption. Payments of this PPV by companies fell by more than half in the first quarter of 2024, compared to the same period last year, after the end of its tax exemption, according to INSEE.< /p>

Tax on share repurchases

Gabriel Attal wants a tax on share buybacks which will finance an "energy renovation fund" for the "middle and popular" classes. This fund will make it possible to renovate 300,000 additional homes by 2027.

Before the announcement of the dissolution of the Assembly, the government was already planning to include in the next finance bill (PLF) a measure to tax companies that buy back their own actions.

Faced with the public deficit slipping in 2023, the government has warned of a tightening of the budgetary screws, but is also seeking to increase its revenue.

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