Legislative elections 2024: A duel between the New Popular Front and LR Ciottiste-RN in the fifth constituency

Legislative elections 2024: A duel between the New Popular Front and LR Ciottiste-RN in the fifth constituency

Alexandre Allégret-Pilot, parachuted candidate LR Ciottiste-RN at the top of the vote. Stéphane Barbier – STEPHANE BARBIER

The outgoing MP Michel Sala (NFP, 33.03%) is more than 5,000 votes behind the LR Ciottiste-RN candidate Alexandre Allégret-Pilot (41.02%). Catherine Daufès-Roux (Together, 15.39%) cannot hold on and calls " to block the National Rally" while the LRs pale in comparison.

" Michel, it’s playable. You can do it! " Hit but not sunk, the outgoing deputy Michel Sala came in second place under the label of the New Popular Front, with more than 5,000 late vote, on the LR-RN candidate Alexandre Allégret-Pilot. Encouraged by his faithful gathered at the Abbey café, he nevertheless expresses a certain disillusionment." The dynamic in the European elections continues during these legislative elections and it is not pleasant to be in these conditions when in 2022, I was in front with 2,600 votes. ;! We can still win but we must ask those who have not qualified to hear what Mr. Macron has just said, calling for a barrier to the National Rally. We have done it in other circumstances…"

People start to believe in Bardella as the messiah

Catherine Daufès-Roux, Ensemble candidate, excluded from the second round, is also sorry " of this RN wave. People believe in miracles. I have before me his profession of faith where he appears very small with Ciotti and Bardella above. People start believing in Bardella as the messiah, what do you want me to tell you. This is a seller of dreams! "
Concerning the instruction given in the evening by Prime Minister Attal, " not a voice in the National Rally ", the Ensemble candidate assures to follow the same path. " But we don't own the votes. Next Sunday, I don't know what I'll do but, unfortunately this circo, it's this parachute that will delight her. It’s sad! But I call for blocking the National Rally. »
At the Cazot space, Les Républicains candidate Léa Boyer, despite an increase of 1,565 votes compared to 2022, looks grim when leaving office 328, limiting herself to not giving any instructions in a short SMS meaning " that the voter knows what to do better than anyone ". In the back of the room, the almost unknown LR-RN candidate is pacing back and forth. Almost alone as well, he remains cautious in analyzing his qualification for the second round… " Nothing has been done and those who are undecided must be able to position themselves by consulting everyone's program. " Wanting to be more biting while " Faced with the danger of the extreme left, it is essential to constitute a democratic and republican front. "
Then, faced with the qualification of the RN as an extreme right party by the Constitutional Council in 2024 with which this Ciottiste, high Savoyard, is associated, Alexandre Allégret-Pilot responds that “We must stop using scarecrows that are constructed from scratch by invoking random memories. Quite simply, the French are fed up with being told what to think. They are adults, responsible and know who to vote for.”
Nordine Tria, the candidate who came last after Agnès Olinet's Lutte Ouvrière list, speaks of a man who grew up in a Republic that he no longer recognizes. “We are not a direct democracy but a party democracy. We have three blocs here and one of them will say whether the law is good or not. And given the results announced, it's a shame. We need a citizen's awakening, outside of the parties. Then, the vote is democratic and people will no longer be able to say that they didn't know. “

Michel Sala (NFP)
« I think that with this vote, we are beyond people. We could have put someone from Denmark, it would perhaps have been the same thing. It’s a shame because Mr. Allégret-Pilot certainly knows Haute-Savoie but not the Cévenols. And then it’s more serious, especially in villages where people feel abandoned, which is true in the findings of public services. But that’s what we defend. They take this horse to contest. They want to try but the RN will have an antisocial policy. And, once started, it will be difficult to come back from it. »
Nordine Tria (DIV G)
« I thank the voters who gave me their vote and I call on them to vote massively against the RN. But it’s a party vote, even in a neighborhood where I grew up. I think people can give in to the sirens because the product being sold is beautiful. We sell dreams and people are annoyed so they want to try. We will try them and, in a year, we will vote again. » I subscribe to read more

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