Legislative elections 2024: Daniel Jean, candidate “without a ballot” for the 3rd constituency of Gard, “I couldn’t find a printer!”

Legislative elections 2024: Daniel Jean, candidate “without a ballot” for the 3rd constituency of Gard, “I couldn’t find a printer!”

Le Roquemaurois Daniel Jean est candidat sur la 3e circonscription du Gard. D. R.

Roquemaurois Daniel Jean is a candidate for the 3rd constituency of Gard (Bagnols-Villeneuve) for the legislative elections on June 30 and July 7. But no one will be able to vote for him: he hasn't found a printer.

It’s a "ubuesque" in which is Daniel Jean, candidate "various right" in the legislative elections of June 30 and July 7, in the 3rd constituency of Gard. "I couldn't find a printer and so I find myself without a bulletin!" explains the Roquemaurois who is running for the first time in elections, under the various right label. "I toured the printers in Gard, Vaucluse… I spent three days calling, but they all told me that there was a shortage of paper and the deadlines are too short for this campaign! It’s a shame.

Without ballots, but a candidate, the Roquemaurois should therefore have no votes. "I wanted to invest myself in serving the citizens of this area, to make things change. I have always been involved in associations, I was a firefighter for twenty years, a great school of life… hellip; In 2022, I was going to go to the countryside but I couldn't.

This time he regrets, "I let the train pass". However, Daniel Jean had taken all the steps and found a replacement in Montfaucon, Jean-Marc Brès. "I should have had my report cards printed before everything else even though I did things in order. includes the Gardois, driver of exceptional convoys. "I wanted to go alone to the elections to be free of my words, but I should have gotten closer to a party" he thinks today& rsquo;today.

The prefecture services confirm: "without a ballot, no one will be able to vote for him on election day. This is different from the European elections, during which the parties could print their own ballots. For the legislative elections, there are very precise data, described on the prefecture website.

"It strengthened my resolve"

Despite this disappointment, Daniel Jean is not bitter. "It strengthened my resolve. The extremes, on the right and on the left, scare me. From "moderate right " he defines himself, the candidate would have campaigned on the reindustrialization of France, on the need to apply the same standards in agriculture for European countries, or even to fight against medical deserts by paying the medical studies for young doctors who volunteer to settle where there are needs. "Common sense!" underlines the Roquemaurois who does not forget the security aspect. "We should stop using the minority excuse when we see what young people are capable of… And we must make parents responsible!" Ideas that he can put forward "during a future campaign& quot; he hopes.

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