Legislative elections 2024: “I do not plan to be Macron’s collaborator”, Bardella outlines the first lines of his program

Legislative elections 2024: “I do not plan to be Macron’s collaborator”, Bardella outlines the first lines of his program

Première mesure : une baisse de la TVA sur les énergies et les carburants pour faire baisser la facture de 30 %. Midi Libre – ALEXANDRE DIMOU

The leader of the RN has begun to detail the contours of his program on purchasing power and immigration but above all asks to be in a position of strength on the evening of July 7 in requiring "an absolute majority" in the National Assembly.

We know a little more about the National Rally program. Even if the founding axes of the party are shifting. And the final program is far from being completely known. The future Prime Minister in the event of a victory for the RN, Jordan Bardella, however, gave the broad outlines of his program to Le Parisien and yesterday morning on the airwaves of Europe 1.

First measure put in place in the event of accession to Matignon: the reduction in VAT on energy (electricity, gas and fuel oil) as well as on fuels to 5.5%. It will be necessary to go through an amended finance bill that he promises by the summer. To finance this multi-billion project: put an end to certain tax loopholes and lower France's contribution to the European Union by 2 billion euros. Jordan Bardella promises that this measure will reduce energy bills by 30%. Especially since it also counts "cancel the 10 % increase in gas prices that the government wants to increase from July 1&quot ;.

"National denial"

On the other hand, the reduction in VAT on basic necessities "can only be done in a second phase", argues Jordan Bardella. Which makes Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy who has heard Marine Le Pen demand this measure for 7 years, say: "It's no longer the National Rally is the National Denial."

On security and immigration, the MEP wants to restore minimum sentences and above all "suspend family allowances to parents of repeat juvenile delinquents&quot ;. Among the first measures: reform of the right to asylum, end of family reunification, elimination of land rights through constitutional reform.

An audit of the State accounts

Nothing about social promises, which made the elected communist of Paris Ian Brossat say: "We now know how it was sealed the agreement between Bardella and Ciotti. Bardella came with his program, Ciotti with his rubber. Result: all social promises have disappeared."

For the elected representatives of the presidential majority, it is estimated that as the days go by "there is less and less program and more and more conditions. Every day, he comes back to proposals for his program.

In the fall, Jordan Bardella will tackle pensions and repeal Emmanuel Macron's reform to return the legal retirement age to 62. He even intends to propose that "those who started working before the age of 20, who do difficult jobs, can leave with 40 years of service and a legal retirement age of 60" .

Jordan Bardella calls for a tax break proposes "as soon as I arrive at Matignon, to create transparency, with an audit of the State accounts . The French do not understand that they pay ever more taxes, and that they have less and less public service".

A "refusal of obstacle" for Attal

But, for that, he will need "an absolute majority in the National Assembly". In the event of a relative majority Jordan Bardella "will not be able to change things. Now, I want to change course". "Who can believe that we will be able to change the daily lives of the French in cohabitation with a relative majority& ;quot;, asks the parliamentarian.

"A pretext for not going", tackles Gabriel Attal who denounces a "refusal of obstacle. Every day: less and less program, more and more conditions. The RN is amateurism, denial and lies. It would be a catastrophe for our economy".

Jordan Bardella replied to him on without room for maneuver. I want to be a Prime Minister able to act, for France and the French. I assume it".

In any case, even in the event of defeat in the legislative elections, Jordan Bardella refuted the idea of ​​resigning from the post of president of the RN.

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