Legislative elections 2024: “I will go to the end of the mandate” says Emmanuelle Ménard on the 6th constituency of Hérault

Legislative elections 2024: “I will go to the end of the mandate” says Emmanuelle Ménard on the 6th constituency of Hérault

Emmanuelle Ménard et sa suppléante Nicole Zénon. Midi Libre – Mélissa Alcoléa

The outgoing MP for the 6th constituency of Hérault, Emmanuelle Ménard, has returned to the campaign in Biterrois. And announces that she is renouncing her candidacy for mayor in 2026 to complete her mandate as a deputy, in the event of re-election.

Elected in 2017, re-elected in 2022 (in the second round with nearly 70% of the votes) in the 6th constituency of Hérault, without a label, MP Emmanuelle Ménard announced, the day after the dissolution of the National Assembly, that she went back on the campaign trail to try to regain her seat for 5 years. Serene and combative, she clarifies one point: "I will complete the mandate, barring an unforeseeable event." She will therefore not be a candidate in the 2026 municipal election in Béziers, as initially planned. A thoughtful decision made in concert with her husband Robert Ménard.

For this lightning campaign, the candidate who had until now benefited from more or less strong support from the RN must face an unprecedented element: the presence of a representative of the National Rally in front of her, in this case the Biterrois Julien Gabarron. "This is an application that I don't understand. In Béziers, we unite the rights and it works very well. On the municipal council, LR elected officials sit, without labels, RN." Disaffections have however been recorded over the years (Henri-Fabre Luce, Victor Alzingre) "but these are people who went to Reconquête. The RN and LR elected officials present from the start remained there…" And note that since 2022, the MP is no longer attached to the RN for the financing of political life.

"I am not a pawn"

What then to say to the lost voters ? "We have proven ourselves, it has been 10 years since the union of the rights works and we have a great project for the city of Béziers. To accomplish this mandate with seriousness and investment, we cannot pull out of the hat 10 days before."

Emmanuelle Ménard intends to highlight her record, her work in the Assembly, her “ability to move forward”, as a non-registered and independent member. And “the common sense proposals” that she made in the chamber, “initially swept aside and later recovered”. As on the subject of school bullying, she cites. A position outside the parties that nevertheless leaves little room for maneuver… “But I am not a pawn, I will never accept being told what to vote, she claims again. I don't want to be an MP with my finger on the seam of my pants, that revolts me, there's no way anyone will tell me who to vote for. I prefer to face a candidate and that the best one wins." A singularity and a freedom that she cultivates and shares with her husband, as a trademark of & quot;Ménard". "My party is the Biterrois", says the candidate.

Committed in the field, Emmanuelle Ménard chose ten priorities for this third campaign: starting with "the fight against ;uncontrolled immigration", "the fight against insecurity", "the protection of purchasing power". Without forgetting "the defense of our farmers. I fought for the wine growers&quot ;, she emphasizes.

A change: Nicole Zénon as substitute

Substitute for MP Emmanuelle Ménard since 2022, Biterrois Jérémy Vidal is not reappointed in this role. It is in fact the departmental advisor Nicole Zénon, former director of the Madeleine school, who is deputy. Jérémy Vidal's father, Jean-Michel Vidal, announced during the same period his wish to leave the presidency of the ASBH, which could mean a form of distancing from the Ménards…& ;nbsp;"This is not a sanction, I discussed it with Jérémy Vidal, we have other projects and he can't do everything lead from the front", explains Emmanuelle Ménard. "The choice of Nicole Zénon came naturally, we are used to working together, we know each other, we complement each other, we appreciate each other. " Nicole Zénon has been a departmental councilor since 2018 in the canton of Béziers 3.

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