Legislative elections 2024: in Béziers, the political citadel built by the Ménards shook…

Legislative elections 2024: in Béziers, the political citadel built by the Ménards shook...

Ce dimanche soir, au moment de l’attente des résultats, en mairie de Béziers. Midi Libre – Yanis Felt

Will the results of this first round of the legislative elections have consequences on the game of politics in Béziers ?

For a first election without the support of the RN which has become an opponent, the candidacy "Ménard" was heckled, this Sunday evening, during this first round of the legislative elections in the 6th constituency of Hérault.

Emmanuelle Ménard, outgoing MP, although re-elected with nearly 70% of the vote in 2022, barely 2 years ago, only came second, behind RN candidate Julien Gabarron who won the vote. was ahead by more than 8,600 votes in the territory and by some 1,800 votes in the commune of Béziers alone. This citadel which seemed impregnable, because it was padlocked by Robert and Emmanuelle Ménard, therefore had a flaw… Since the election of the mayor of Béziers in 2014, such disappointment had not been observed.

Next municipal council on July 10

The divorce between the far-right party and the Ménards, formalized a few months ago following the various public positions taken by the mayor of Béziers but also the votes of the member of parliament ;rsquo;Assembly, ultimately cost a lot. In the process, this surprise dissolution had sharp consequences.

Is this the beginning of a recomposition of local politics ? Will this new situation and the demonstration of the strong commitment of Béziers voters for the RN have an impact for the future and that then that the municipal elections are already taking shape ? Some political opponents hope so. Even if Robert Ménard’s strong imprint on the territory cannot be swept… The latter has also just announced that, contrary to what he had always said, he would run again in the next municipal elections.

Robert Ménard: “I sleep soundly for the municipal elections”

"There was a Lepénist surge everywhere in France, estimates as to ; him Robert Ménard. We could hope that we would resist better by highlighting the action we are taking. Emmanuelle is among the 10 MPs most present at the meeting. During the Assembly, the city changed, we are the first city to change. having put the uniforms on the schoolchildren […] We have an outcome which seems interesting to me. The problem is that people didn't vote. for Gabarron but for Mr. Bardella to be Prime Minister. I am disappointed, I regret it. But it is a parenthesis in local life which will be closed as quickly as it opened next Monday." What about municipal elections? For Robert Ménard:"Those who want to will come forward, I wish them courage. The Biterrois will decide." And continue à defend this freedom of tone, outside the political apparatuses, which nevertheless contributes à a certain isolation. "Maybe but we are ready à take this risk because we think it is a new way of doing politics. This is the price of freedom. We do not take orders from anyone other than the people of Biterrois. I'm sleeping soundly for the municipal elections."

In the shorter term, three elected officials from Robert Ménard's municipal majority are included in the RN, Emile Fort, Yvon Martinez and Christian Sarkis. Until now, they have remained in this majority. What will they decide tomorrow? Note that the next municipal council of Béziers has been postponed until July 10.

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