Legislative elections 2024: in Gard, Clément Stevant intends to defend a “Gaullist right, proud of its values”

Legislative elections 2024: in Gard, Clément Stevant intends to defend a “Gaullist right, proud of its values”

Clément Stevant va vivre son premier scrutin comme candidat. Midi Libre – MiKAEL ANISSET

Clément Stevant, 23 ans, représentant départemental des jeunes Républicains, est candidat pour la première fois et se positionne sur la 6e circonscription du Gard, .

You are presenting yourself for the first time to voters, for Les Républicains, in a complex political context. What are your feelings about these anticipated legislative elections ?

First of all, I can only thank Jean-Paul Fournier, Franck Proust and Richard Tibérino for their trust. Furthermore, I am finally running for Les Républicains, for a Gaullist republican right, in total disagreement with the line of Eric Ciotti, who only represents himself in his choice of rapprochement with the RN. For more than 30 years, the extreme right has been fought in Nîmes, I will be a candidate faithful to these values.

You are running in a sixth district where a victory for the Republican right seems difficult. Are you aware of this ?

I think everything is open. We have an outgoing MP who does not run again and sends his substitute, which is an admission of weakness. He was elected for five years, not to give up after two and a half years. We then have the two extremes, with an unnatural alliance between the left and LFI. And an RN candidate who, although she has only just been elected as a European deputy, now wants to sit in the Assembly, that is to say the lack of seriousness given… hellip; I will do my best to achieve the best possible score and be in the second round. I believe that the Republicans really have a chance to play.

What will be your strategy to reach the second round ?

There is a real possibility of acting between voters who are disappointed with Macron's policy and others who reject the National Rally. I intend to focus my campaign on three axes: immigration, security and purchasing power.

By carrying out concrete measures ?

For purchasing power, act on a reduction in social security contributions that will allow an increase in wages, in addition to a tax exemption for overtime. I assume that I believe in a France that gets up early, that we must get out, in part, of welfare. Neither the RSA nor unemployment encourage people to return to work. I would like the RSA to be made conditional, for example, on 15 hours of compulsory work per week.

For immigration, let's not fall into the RN caricature. Immigration is a good thing, provided that it is better supported. It is not normal to see people sleeping under bridges. I would therefore like Parliament to set quotas each year, so that we can move towards successful immigration and integration. Finally, on security, that minimum sentences be re-established. And that any individual who commits an offence against a person in a position of public authority be given a one-year prison sentence so that we can regain more respect for our law enforcement. I will also fight to ensure that the Obligations to Leave French Territory (OQTF) are applied when they are issued. I defend a true Gaullist right, which does not compromise with the National Rally.

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