Legislative elections 2024: “In Millau, we save the furniture” reacts Mayor Emmanuelle Gazel

Legislative elections 2024: “In Millau, we save the furniture” reacts Mayor Emmanuelle Gazel

Emmanuelle Gazel a annoncé les résultats au micro, dans la salle des fêtes. – Dorian CAYUELA

Maire socialiste, Emmanuelle Gazel a réagi aux résultats de sa ville, Millau, aux élections législatives, scrutin qui voit arriver le candidat RN en deuxième position derrière celui du Nouveau Front Populaire. 

"Given the first results announced on a national scale, in Millau we are saving the furniture", reassures the mayor, Emmanuelle Gazel. In the city of the glove, the Millavois placed the socialist Richard Bouigue (35.60%) at the top of the candidates for the third constituency. Next comes, with a few votes, the LR/RN candidate Pierre-Antoine Fevre (31.92%).

Scores which did not leave the councilor without reaction. She confides her fears: "Having an RN who has only spent three days in a territory is terrifying". And to continue: "We can't have a score like that for an above-ground candidate". This Sunday evening at the village hall, the Swiss paratrooper was not present in the city when the results were announced, unlike Richard Bouigue, who was applauded when the scores were announced by Emmanuelle Gazel.

"We are Larzac, we are a welcoming land, a land of justice"

While she justifies these results by a national policy having contributed to reinforcing inequalities with a president elected to block the extreme right, she says so, "he was the stepping stone for the rise of the National Rally". And to call for reflection: "The right-wing voters must not be mistaken. It's not the Gaullist right here, it's the racist, xenophobic right, everything I fight against every day".

Putting the spotlight back on the history of the southern Aveyron territory, it justifies the vote to the left: "We are Larzac, we are a land of welcome, a land of justice". Emmanuelle Gazel says it again: "We do something concrete. As for the region, Carole Delga takes the train for 1 € it’s concrete. When here in Millau we put in place social pricing in the canteen for Millavois students, it's concrete". And to conclude: "We must continue to bring together".

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