Legislative elections 2024: in the 1st constituency of Hérault, the Montpellier vote propels Jean-Louis Roumégas (NFP) to the Assembly

Legislative elections 2024: in the 1st constituency of Hérault, the Montpellier vote propels Jean-Louis Roumégas (NFP) to the Assembly

Jean-Louis Roumégas et sa suppléante Anne Cathala, lors de l’annonce de leur victoire. midi libre – Yanis Felt

The candidate of the New Popular Front, Jean-Louis Roumégas was elected in the 1st constituency of Hérault against Josyan Oliva (LR-RN) with 55.19% of the vote. The Montpellier vote made the difference for the man who already sat in the National Assembly between 2012 and 2017.

It’s time to return to the Palais Bourbon for Jean-Louis Roumégas who should go there today. Deputy for Europe-Ecology the Greens between 2012 and 2017, the candidate of the New Popular Front in the first constituency of Hérault was elected this Sunday with 55.19% voices. He therefore succeeds the former Secretary of State for Veterans, Patricia Mirallès (and her deputy Philippe Sorez), who came third in the first round and who chose to withdraw without giving voting instructions.

6 000 votes in advance

Jean-Louis Roumégas is ahead of his opponent, Josyan Oliva, Republican candidate associated with the National Rally by 6,000 votes. The latter came first in the first round with only 40 votes ahead.

As was envisaged, it was the vote in the Montpellier offices which made the difference while the future elected official was behind by some 3,500 votes after the counting carried out in the villages of the constituency. Josyan Oliva thus came clearly in the lead in Palavas (64.8%), Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone (55.4%) and Lattes (57%), his commune of origin. His opponent from the NFP, on the other hand, achieved the grand slam in all the Montpellier offices with scores well above 60% of the votes, more than 70% in places, notably in Paul- Valery. His entourage congratulated himself, at the beginning of the evening, on having "held off the shock" in the localities of the agglomeration, the ;rsquo;elected environmentalist even coming slightly ahead in Saint-Jean-de-Védas and Lavérune.

In absolute terms, Jean-Louis Roumégas increased his score from the first round by just over 11,000 votes, which demonstrates, in part, the significant impact of the Republican front launched during the week and put forward by the city's mayor, Michaël Delafosse. In the first round, Patricia Mirallès had gathered 13,000 supporters. Josyan Oliva, for his part, convinced more than 5,000 additional voters, an insufficient progression to claim the election while the participation marked a very slight decline this Sunday (68.07% against 68.53% a week ago).

Josyan Oliva: “a split with Montpellier”

"We feel the difficultyé of this constituency cut in two with the villages where  we come out à more than 57% and the catch-up of votes from the districts of Montpellier which are very complicated for the right. It’s not from today but this cutting hurts. We are subject to the Montpellier vote which is not representative of the constituency. We have a certain legitimacy; &agrav; to be able to speak on behalf of the villages but there is a split with Montpellier, there are two realities. The score, &agrav; Lattes, is a great satisfaction in defeat. The Lattois showed é their attachment à my application. I think the vote went well. in better conditions than in the first round. The prefect sent magistrates and lawyers in the polling stations, ça raisedé a hare. On the appeals we will see the documents, I am a lawyer, çmy interest But I think that the results are representative of the & rsquo;votership of the first constituency in its entirety."

Ready to rule

It was at 10 p.m., at the brasserie du Dôme and numerous supporters that Jean-Louis Roumégas confirmed his victory. "C&amp ;rsquo;is the victory of the Republican front and the victory of the New Popular Front. The French have made it clear that they do not want to see the values ​​of the Republic trampled on"  he said. The new MP paid special tribute to the voters of "working-class neighborhoods". "We had targeted them as strong issues. If the left knows how to mobilize working-class neighborhoods, a bright future is being prepared"  estimated the new parliamentarian according to whom, the new representatives of the left will have to know how to "show adult", be ready to govern "with the center. But let the center accept that the program is that of the New Popular Front". A new battle begins.

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