Legislative elections 2024: Jean-François Rousset welcomes the withdrawal of Richard Bouigue

Legislative elections 2024: Jean-François Rousset welcomes the withdrawal of Richard Bouigue

Jean-François Rousset intends to continue the campaign against the RN to “defend Aveyron”. Midi Libre – JEAN MICHEL MART

In a tie against the RN-LR candidate, the outgoing Jean-François Rousset reacted to the withdrawal, for his benefit, of the New Popular Front candidate Richard Bouigue.

"Given the RN figures, Richard Bouigue's decision is very positive." "In good faith", continues the outgoing Renaissance candidate Jean-François Rousset who, with the risk of triangularity now behind, could mathematically benefit from a postponement of votes likely to assure him victory on the evening of June 7, 2024. < /p>

Credited with 32.45% of the votes behind the affiliated RN-LR Pierre-Antoine Fèvre (35.45%), the Renaissance candidate should be able to take advantage of the score of the PS candidate of the New Popular Front who collected 28.81% of the votes on Sunday.

"In an identical situation, I would have had the same reaction", continues the outgoing who has always been "fairly clear" on his intentions for the second round for the benefit "d& rsquo;a candidate who shares the same republican traditions."

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Already on the roads, the Renaissance candidate now intends to reach out to the voters of South Aveyron who voted overwhelmingly for the parachuted candidate of the alliance between the RN and the LR "Ciotti compatible" Pierre-Antoine Fèvre.

"I present myself as the field candidate. That of rurality, continues the native of Montlaur comforted in his stronghold with 46% of the votes ahead of Richard Bouigue who now expects the majority candidate to play a unifying role. "We are not expecting a campaign from the Macronist candidate but from the Republican front candidate".

A matter visibly heard by Jean-François Rousset in a hurry to deconstruct "the inconsistencies of the extreme right."&nbsp ;"The RN program is an onion. Every day, it peels itself and at the end, there are only its eyes to cry, because it’ seriously, this is not credible, he paraphrases. He who sees in this vague RN &quot ;the call of rurality" who may have "feel abandoned."

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