Legislative elections 2024: “Montpellier, an open-air psychiatric hospital”: Flavia Mangano, RN candidate for the 2nd constituency of Hérault

Legislative elections 2024: “Montpellier, an open-air psychiatric hospital”: Flavia Mangano, RN candidate for the 2nd constituency of Hérault

Flavia Mangano, candidate pour le Rassemblement National sur la 2e circonscription de l'Hérault. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Flavia Mangano, 34, is the National Rally candidate for the 2nd constituency of Hérault, in the next legislative elections on June 30 and July 7.

At 34 years old, you are from Montpellier and part of the RN group in the Occitanie Region, how did you welcome the results of your party in the European elections ? And the dissolution that followed?

We asked for this dissolution! This will be an opportunity to implement what we want to allow the French to rediscover: more peace of mind, purchasing power, in particular. Resolutions that can be put in place quickly, in an emergency. In the fall, it will no longer be the time for reforms. People realized that the European Union decided many things for them. Our idea of ​​Europe is to defend the sovereignty of France within it.

Montpellier, an "open-air psychiatric hospital !"

What are your motivations?

My love for France, and seeing the French for whom it is more and more complicated, get their heads above water. Montpellier today, there are daily attacks. Yesterday on the tram, a very violent incident took place. A user told me that she had the impression that in this city, we had the impression of being in an open-air psychiatric hospital. This daily, economic, physical insecurity, which ruins people's lives, is what pushed me to get involved. I am a young woman who has had obstacles to face, like many young people. Going out alone in the evening, I also struggle to make ends meet sometimes, despite a decent salary. The ends of the month are complicated.

How did you grow up politically?

At home, we always talked about it. I was raised in a context where politics was important. Opinions are shared, and always give rise to debate.

The extreme right label bothers you?

I don't feel concerned, moreover I don't feel like I'm either left or right. You get used to it…

Repeal of pensions: why wait until autumn?

This is not backpedaling at all. In times of emergency, these are immediate measures, such as the restitution of purchasing power. Pension reform will take place.

Victory for Bardella or the RN?

Both. What he embodies is a new hope, he has youth on his side and seriousness. He masters his files and inspires confidence.

To conclude on these last few marathon days ?

When the people vote, the people win.

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