Legislative elections 2024: outgoing MP Pascale Bordes re-elected ahead of NFP candidate, Sabine Oromi, “I am sad for my country”

Legislative elections 2024: outgoing MP Pascale Bordes re-elected ahead of NFP candidate, Sabine Oromi, “I am sad for my country”

Pascale Bordes (RN) a obtenu le meilleur score des députés Rassemblement National élus dans le Gard à l’issue des élections législatives anticipées. C.B.

La députée sortante Pascale Bordes (RN) a été réélue sur la 3e circonscription du Gard face à la candidate Nouveau Front Populaire Sabine Oromi. Elle regrette toutefois le score du RN au niveau national.

A victory without any real surprises but "a mixed victory". Sunday July 7, at the end of the second round of the legislative elections, outgoing MP Pascale Bordes (RN) re-elected with 58.68% of the votes, with high participation (+  of 70 % of those registered in the 3rd constituency of Gard) against the candidate of the New Popular Front, the communist Sabine Oromi (41.32 %), declared herself "< em>very happy with its victory", but regretted that the National Rally had not come first nationally.

"I am very sad for my country. There will be a blockage in France in the coming months" she declared, alongside a few RN activists, in front of the town hall of Bagnols-sur-Cèze, Place Mallet, her face somewhat frozen. Pascale Bordes wins with 10,552 votes more than the NFP candidate, much more than in 2022, where she only surpassed the outgoing Macronist MP Anthony Cellier by a thousand votes. nbsp;in a context of high abstention (51.93% of those registered did not travel).

"An exemplary unit to offer an alternative to the right and the extreme right"

On the other side of the square, the New Popular Front candidate, the communist Sabine Oromi, was all smiles, despite her defeat. Surrounded by around twenty activists, mainly communists and socialists, while regretting the re-election of "a far-right MP", was already looking towards the future. "We are meeting the women and men who joined us during this campaign to work together on the writing of this new popular story […] Rich in this diversity, we have demonstrated exemplary unity to offer an alternative to the right and the extreme right" she declared while emphasizing that she had gained more than "5 000 votes compared to the legislative elections of 2022", in the first round . But with this second round, she jumped by 15,659 votes in two years.

If she comes first in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, the most populous town in the 3rd constituency of Gard, with 53.92% of the votes, a town where participation was more than 60%, Pascale Bordes "does not understand" the vote of Villeneuvois. In Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, the second city in the 3rd constituency of Gard in terms of number of inhabitants, and a bastion of the right, it is in fact the communist candidate who comes out on top with 50.06  % of the votes with a difference of 6 votes. "This is one of the French cities where there are the most people who pay the most wealth taxes! It’s distressing" comments the MP.

Pascale Bordes came first in Villeneuve in the first round

In the first round of the legislative elections, on June 30, Villeneuve-lès-Avignon placed the RN candidate in the lead with nearly 34% of the votes, ahead of Sabine Oromi (22.59% of the vote). %). Christian Baume (Horizons) came in second position, with 26.31% of the votes, in the cardinal city before withdrawing the same evening to block the RN. A withdrawal which undoubtedly benefited the NFP candidate. The candidate Les Républicains, chief of staff of the mayor of Villeneuve-lès-Avignon, Florent Grau, disqualified in the first round with 9% of the votes in the constituency, had not given voting instructions .

"Disappointed" but strong from her re-election and her score, the best of the RN deputies elected in the Gard, the RN deputy nevertheless projects herself into the next municipal elections in 2026. "If citizens people from Bagnols want things to change in Bagnols, I will help them.

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