Legislative elections 2024: Pascale Bordes (RN), candidate for the 3rd constituency of Gard, “we must wage war on drug trafficking”

Legislative elections 2024: Pascale Bordes (RN), candidate for the 3rd constituency of Gard, “we must wage war on drug trafficking”

Pascale Bordes est députée sortante de la 3e circonscription du Gard et candidate à sa réélection. C.B.

Pascale Bordes, députée sortante de la 3e circonscription du Gard, est candidate à sa réélection.

Do you think you will be re-elected and who is your main opponent??

I wish to be re-elected, when we see the results of the presidential majority and when we see what the "alliance of shame", the Popular Front  ! For me there are no small candidates, we are all on the same level.

What do you think of the decision of the Ministry of the Interior to classify the LR-RN alliance for these elections as a candidate? extreme right and the Popular Front in union with the left ?

I don't understand. The left union has LFI and the NPA within it.

How is this express campaign going?

We are lucky at the RN in Gard to have very good managers, Yoann Gillet and Julien Sanchez who take care of all the logistics. I have active activists but in 15 days we will not be able to go to the entire constituency.

What do you say to your opponents who say that you did not go into the field as an MP and that you did not attend the municipal and agglomeration councils as a local elected official?

For the municipal council and the agglomeration, it is a deliberate choice. These are recording chambers, it is a denial of democracy. As a member of parliament, the mayor of Bagnols and the president of the agglomeration never spoke to me. When people contacted me, I always responded.

I was very active in the National Assembly. I sat non-stop on the law committee. I managed the orientation law of the Ministry of Justice. It’s a fundamental text, it’s my greatest pride. As I am a lawyer, I am a referent for the RN for all texts on justice and social facts. I also managed the text relating to the extension of the duration of the protection order, this is no small thing for battered women and children! I also worked on medical deserts: the problem in Bagnols and Pont-Saint-Esprit is the lack of attractiveness of the territory. This is not my responsibility! When I hear candidate Christian Baume, Bagnols security deputy, say that there are no more drug dealers at the Tour des Nuages, let him come with me. ! The dealers are here.

If you are elected MP, will you run in the municipal elections in Bagnols ?

I will lead an RN list, the question of whether I will be mayor is not on the agenda.

What are the campaign axes that you are putting forward to attract the voters of the 3rd constituency of Gard ?

Safety, everywhere. Drug trafficking is booming even in small towns. We need exceptional means in terms of weapons and equipment, we need to wage war on drug trafficking. If I am re-elected, I will be back on the law committee. I will take charge of security.

On the issue of health, I will fight so that the constituency has the sufficient number of doctors and health personnel.

On the nuclear axis, I worry when I see the motley crew of the left which includes people hostile to nuclear power: with them, there is no ;rsquo;there will be no SMR (small nuclear reactor) in the Rhone Gard!

The substitute for Bagnolaise Pascale Bordes is the Englishwoman Catherine Dellong-Meng, as in 2022.

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