Legislative elections 2024: Sylvain Carrière (NFP) is still on the edge of Cédric Delapierre (RN) in the 8th constituency of Hérault

Legislative elections 2024: Sylvain Carrière (NFP) is still on the edge of Cédric Delapierre (RN) in the 8th constituency of Hérault

Réélu sur la 8e circonscription de l’Hérault, Sylvain Carrière (NFP) a une nouvelle fois devancé d’un cheveu le candidat du RN Cédric Delapierre. Midi Libre – JEAN-MICHEL MART

Winner with 458 votes ahead of Cédric Delapierre in June 2022, the outgoing deputy Sylvain Carrière (New Front Populaire) is this time ahead of the National Rally candidate by 395 votes! Like two years ago, the Montpellier polling stations have reversed the trend.

The curse is broken. For the first time since the 2010 electoral redistribution, the 8th constituency of Hérault reappointed its outgoing deputy. Like two years ago, Sylvain Carrière is ahead of Cédric Delapierre.

On the evening of June 19, 2022, the gap between the two men was … 458 votes. At the end of once again unbearable suspense where everyone in turn was able to believe in victory, the candidate of the New Popular Front is this time re-elected with 395 votes ahead of his rival of the National Rally.

Sylvain Carrière benefits from participation almost as strong as in the first round, twenty points higher than in 2022. He also benefits from good vote carryovers from candidates eliminated in the first round. Despite the absence of voting instructions from Isabelle Autier (Horizons, 16.86%) and Bérengère Dubus (Nouvelle Énergie, 6.34%), voters overwhelmingly chose the deputy outgoing, who also recovered the votes of Sabria Bouallaga (L’Écologie differently, 3.14 %) and Thomas Garnier (Lutte Ouvrière, 0.83 %) to limit the damage on territories that are unfavorable to it and to amplify the gap on Montpellier.

The suspense will have taken the same forms as in 2022 and the candidates will have gone through all their states during the evening. Unsurprisingly, the first results, falling from 7 p.m., gave Cédric Delapierre a comfortable lead.

A hit for Delapierre in the Thau basin…

Like so many uppercuts for the outgoing deputy, the entire Thau basin widely expressed itself in favor of the RN candidate. Frontignan (58%), Balaruc-les-Bains (66.8%), Balaruc-le-Vieux (69.1%), Mireval (61.7%) and Vic-la-Gardiole (63.7%) gave 4 500 votes in advance to Cédric Delapierre, who is progressing almost everywhere.

Still in the lead at Fabrègues (62%), Pignan (54.7%) and Cournonterral (nearly 60%), Cédric Delapierre pushed his lead further of 6 500 votes, an advantage somewhat reduced by Juvignac (54.3 %) and especially Grabels (60.3 %) and Murviel-les-Montpellier (59.7 % ), favorable to Sylvain Carrière.

In short, at 9 p.m., Cédric Delapierre had a comfortable lead of some 5,300 votes, greater than that of June 19, 2022 at the same time. It was once again without counting on the Montpellier polling stations.

… before Montpellier tilts the vote, like in 2022

The RN candidate needed to obtain around 27% of the votes in the central city to be elected. He did not succeed. Faithful to its tradition, Montpellier once again mobilized widely to block the RN and support the candidate of the New Popular Front.

Delapierre's advance thus melted like snow in the sun as, one by one, the Montpellier offices voted in favor of the outgoing MP, giving him between 70 and 80% voices. An even stronger decline than on the evening of June 19, 2022, allowing Sylvain Carrière to finally keep his seat at the Palais Bourbon. "It’s incredible. History repeats itself. During the week, we had a little doubt. We knew that it was not lost but that it would be very hard. It’s a very beautiful collective victory, savored Sylvain Carrière, welcomed like a hero, in Montpellier, after the proclamation of the results.

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