Legislative elections 2024: “The machine is seized up here too”: a presidential alliance not so fluid in Hérault

Legislative elections 2024: “The machine is seized up here too”: a presidential alliance not so fluid in Hérault

Jean-François Audrin, responsable départemental Horizons, en 2022, aux côtés d'Edouard Philippe. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Avec cinq candidats Horizons pour quatre candidats Renaissance, les soutiens d'Edouard Philippe sont en force dans le département. Ce qui ne plaît pas à tout le monde dans le parti d'Emmanuel Macron.

In Hérault, five candidates claim to be behind Edouard Philippe and four behind Emmanuel Macron. A detail ? Not quite. Especially for the departmental manager of Horizons, Jean-François Audrin, mayor of Saint-Georges-d’Orques. "The five candidates in question coached Horizons in their application submission to the prefecture", he appreciates. 

"We are legit"

"Paris contributed to this distribution, welcomes Jean-François Audrin. If we are so present, it is because we must be a party of the future, we are legitimate. Our agreement is still different from the union of the left. We, with Renaissance, work together from an electoral and programmatic point of view. Our policies are moving in the same direction."

Edouard Philippe expected in Hérault

Such a presence of the party of the former Prime Minister and Mayor of Le Havre is a first in Hérault. It remains to be seen how the Hérault candidates in the presidential majority will be able to fare in these legislative elections. And there, it will be complicated. Starting with keeping the three outgoing seats. As for Edouard Philippe, with such representation, he is expected in the department by June 30, just to come and support his candidates.

"The machine is stuck here too"

On the Renaissance side, however, the pill may have a little difficulty passing. Particularly for this member who wishes to remain anonymous: "It’s a defeat, the explanation is simple: we are preparing Edouard Philippe for the rest. It’s a shame to risk democracy to be a poster child for the presidential elections. I'm disoriented. There is a loss of the overall democratic compass. The machine is seized here too."

For June 30 and July 7, we will have to play united.

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