Legislative elections 2024: the reaction of the mayor of Nîmes Jean-Paul Fournier

Legislative elections 2024: the reaction of the mayor of Nîmes Jean-Paul Fournier

Jean-Paul Fournier, maire de Nîmes. MIDI LIBRE – MIKAEL ANISSET

Le maire de Nîmes dénonce les "combinaisons" et "petits arrangements".

Résultats des élections

He did not react immediately on Sunday evening following the results of the legislative elections. In a press release sent to the editorial staff  by his chief of staff Antoine Roger this Monday noon, the mayor of Nîmes Jean-Paul Fournier delivers his national analysis.

"The French people expressed themselves massively. I would like at this moment to underline the involvement of the assessors and presidents of the polling stations, as well as the agents of the City of Nîmes who organized, in record time, these elections. ballot boxes cannot be found. Logic would dictate that a new prime minister be chosen from the majority group. But which ? the division into three more or less similar blocks does not bode well for the Nation. The game of combinations, I would even say combinations, rich in denials and other small arrangements far from the general interest, is open. Thus, the question of governmental stability arises once again, in a much higher proportion than in the old legislature. Let us never forget that the Fourth Republic died like this."


"As France adds up its difficulties, as the sky darkens on the budgetary level and as the international climate grows troubled day by day, This situation is extremely worrying. The national union ? … why not, but with whom and on what programmatic basis ? In this political slump, I am satisfied with the honorable score of the deputies of the Republican right whose group remains almost unchanged in number.

Today, the Head of State is weakened, the Nation has its back against the wall. A France in an impasse would not be acceptable. Emmanuel Macron will undoubtedly have to draw the consequences and quickly resolve the situation. Inevitably, the option of a new dissolution in a year, or even the resignation of the President of the Republic, will arise."

In Gard, no LR candidate had managed to pass the stage of the first round.

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