Legislative elections 2024: the RN comes first, the left is progressing, what to remember from the second round in Hérault

Legislative elections 2024: the RN comes first, the left is progressing, what to remember from the second round in Hérault

Les sept députés héraultais élus ce soir dans l'Hérault. MIDI LIBRE

Hérault will now have five National Rally deputies, while the left is progressing, going from three to four seats. A score that could have been higher, if Ensemble voters had not massively voted blank against the LFI candidates, causing the fall of the outgoing deputy Sébastien Rome in the 4th and thus blocking the road to Nadia Belaouni in the 9th.

Election results

The distribution of deputies from Hérault has been profoundly disrupted by this second round of the 2024 legislative election, compared to the political landscape resulting from the 2022 election, where three political forces were shared practically tied the nine seats: three for Ensemble, three for the left and three on the extreme right, with two RN and Emmanuelle Ménard in Béziers, classified DVD.
At the end of this Sunday's vote, Hérault is divided between two political colors only, the three Ensemble candidates, who came third, having withdrawn on the evening of the 30th. June.

Emmanuelle Ménard beaten in a triangular in Béziers

The RN becomes the dominant force, being reappointed in the 7th (Aurélien Lopez Liguori in the first round), in the 5th (Stéphanie  Galzy, with 55.36% of the votes), winning the 4th constituency, where Manon Bourquin won by 700 votes against the outgoing LFI Sébastien Rome, the 6th, where the outgoing DVD Emmanuelle Ménard stalled against the RN Julien Gabarron: it was all about that ; from the only triangular in the department, the NFP Magali Crozier was maintained. He also won the 9th, where Charles Alloncle, (LR/RN) beat the LFI Nadia Belaouni.

The left goes from three to four seats, with the election in the first round in the 2nd of Nathalie Oziol, the re-election in the 8th of Sylvain Carrière, the victory of Jean-Louis Roumégas on the 1st and Fanny Dombre-Coste on the 3rd.

The postponement of the votes of the Ensemble candidates did not, however, completely benefit the left against the RN: a large part of the Ensemble voters decided to vote blank when an LFI candidate was in the running against the RN in the second round, as shown by the importance of blank ballots in certain constituencies: 6,000 blank ballots in the 4th, where the outgoing NFP candidate, Sébastien Rome, was beaten by 800 votes, and 4,000 blank votes in the 9th, where the LFI Nadia Belaouni was beaten by 2,000 votes.

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