Legislative elections 2024: “We are going to ask the richest to participate in the national effort”, announces the boss of the PS, Olivier Faure

Legislative elections 2024: “We are going to ask the richest to participate in the national effort”, announces the boss of the PS, Olivier Faure

Le patron du PS, Olivier Faure, évoque le projet de la gauche. MAXPPP – olivier corsan

C’est l’un des hommes clés de l’accord noué à gauche. Entretien avec le premier secrétaire du PS, Olivier Faure, parti membre du Nouveau Front populaire, au moment où la campagne des élections législatives s’accélère.

Emmanuel Macron, Gabriel Attal and Bruno Le Maire judge your program to be dangerous for the French economy. What do you say to all those who consider it unrealistic?

These are always the same arguments, the idea that when the left is in power it will be bankruptcy. Since 1981 and even since the Popular Front, we have nevertheless demonstrated that we know how to manage public finances and at the same time allow as many people as possible to progress.

If today the coffers are empty it is the result of the haphazard management of Emmanuel Macron who has deprived the State of 450  billions of euros in tax giveaways which mainly benefited the wealthy.

How much will your program cost and how will it be funded??

It will be precisely quantified this week with the help of economists. Our program will favor a rebalancing between capital and labor income. Today, you are taxed less when you live off your pension and your dividends than when you work. We are going to do the opposite.

The tax shock that you are proposing, however, raises concerns…

99% of French people have nothing to fear. But we will ask the richest to participate in the national effort for the ecological transition and public services. We cannot let the public hospital and the school fall into disrepair, but it is not up to the poorest to pay the bill.

The fiscal shock will not be to the detriment of the vast majority of French people, it is a matter of drawing on the 1% who today live very well and have even benefited from the health crises , energy, geopolitics. We cannot let the idea take hold that there are crisis profiteers and that the rest of the French must tighten their belts.

The minimum wage of 1,600 euros that you propose could destroy jobs according to certain economists. Isn’t that a risk?

We will make sure to preserve VSEs and SMEs, but the CAC40 has doubled its dividend distributions and share buybacks in seven years.< /p>

The French Association of Private Enterprises (AFEP) warned on Monday of a "major risk" of "sustainable dropout" of the French and European economy. These are signals that you take into account ?

We're going to discuss it with them, each time it's the same story, they always explain to us that it's going to go badly. There's a figure that should make us all shudder: in seven years we went from 50 billion to 98 billion in dividend distributions, at the same time the average salary in France fell by 5% and we now have 10 million French people living below the poverty line.

Is the cohesion of our country tenable under these conditions?? The answer is obviously no. This is why we must carry out a powerful rebalancing and all the major challenges that lie ahead of us, such as the ecological transition, the defense effort, require going after the money. where it is.

The richest should be happy to participate in this civic re-engagement. What is the point of having the fifth yacht, jet or private mansion when we see the future that we are going to leave to our children. At a time when the stakes are historic, everyone must contribute in proportion to its means.

If you come to power, what will be your first steps within 100 days ?

We will start with measures that affect purchasing power, we will index wages to prices, repeal the unemployment insurance reform and that of retirements.

We will ensure that prices are blocked for basic necessities and we will initiate a conference on wages to restore purchasing power and thereby allow companies to revive the economy through the purchasing power of the middle and working classes.

Beyond that, how will the new Popular Front be different from the Nupes ?

These are not simply parties that meet, even if they are more numerous this time than they were during the Nupes, very many personalities from civil society are joining the party. engage as demonstrated by the meeting that we held Monday evening in Montreuil and which brought together economists who are read all over the world, a Nobel Prize winner in economics, trade unionists, personalities who are able to make their contribution.

During this first big meeting, we saw you alongside the dissident rebels Raquel Garrido and Alexis Corbière whom your ally LFI refused to invest, the union of the left is already giving way to division?

I don't want to summarize a campaign of 577 candidates as a story of four disagreements. Inaugurations always pose difficulties, look at what is happening on the right, these problems exist in all groups. Is it not scandalous that the President did not find it useful to place a candidate against Jérôme Cahuzac ?

Do you approve of the investiture by LFI of Raphaël Arnault, registered S, in Avignon ?

I refuse to support a candidate who is not clear on the issue of anti-Semitism.

You recognize differences on this issue of anti-Semitism within the NFP ?

The project that we signed together is extremely clear, it is committed to fighting with all its strength against anti-Semitism and anti-Muslim racism.

Today there is an explosion of these acts, we will do everything to ensure security.

Serge Klarsfeld prefers to vote for RN than LFI, which he presents as the party of anti-Semitism. What do you say to him ?

Serge Klasferld is wrong, the entire history of the left bears witness to this, from the Dreyfus affair to the monster demonstrations after the desecration of the Carpentras cemetery, the entire left is faithful to this story and I guarantee it, no one will drift towards any form of anti-Semitism.

To nominate your candidate for Matignon in the event of victory, you now propose a vote ?

Yes, I think that we will have to make this common choice because it is the condition for the sustainability of what we are achieving together.< /p>

I am for democracy, so that socialists, ecologists, communists, rebels and those who do not belong to any of these political families but are candidates of the New Popular Front can participate in this choice when the time comes.

Your proposal was recently welcomed by LFI, it’s a way for you to try to rule out the Mélenchon hypothesis&nbsp ;?

It is essential to establish a democratic method of use to designate who will go to Matignon if we are in the majority. When a group alone holds the absolute majority, or when it is hegemonic within the new majority, which was the case with Lionel Jospin, the question does not arise.

But in the situation we know where no group is as dominant, there is a need for an agreement between all those who belong to the new majority.

This subject divides on the left, the Mélenchon hypothesis creates friction, he said, like others, ready ;for Matignon. This is also your case? You could also suggest your name?

In such a moment, we must come together, we will see when the time comes who is best placed for Matignon. I don't really like competitions of this nature, we must offer something other than a battle of egos.

What place can François Hollande have in all this ? Can he be a recourse ?

François Hollande is a member of the coalition among all the others and we must rejoice at the fact that it has made it possible to bring together so widely and that the entire left finds itself in this existential fight over the essentials.< /p>

This is not what the extreme right is proposing with its vision of racist withdrawal.

The inauguration of the former Minister of Health Aurélien Rousseau was also widely commented on, how did his rallying take place? nbsp;?

It was a proposal from the Public Place that we accepted with interest, Aurélien Rousseau is one of those who chose to leave the government on the immigration law and agreed to break the dikes with Macronism.

We will also need all those who at one time had the illusion of achieving something with Emmanuel Macron and who came back from it. This is how we will achieve a majority of 50% which will allow us to govern.

Are you ready to call for a vote for Renaissance or LR against candidates from the RN ?

When the time comes we will speak out but we are the only ones who have always been there for the Republic, that should be enough to reassure; which is not the case for the right, whether it is Emmanuel Macron or the LR.

The outgoing majority does not want either the union of the left integrating LFI nor the RN. How do you welcome this positioning ?

Each time this instruction is given, it will be one more vote for the RN.

Would you agree to participate in a coalition with Macronie to prevent the RN from taking power?

Legislative elections 2024: “We are going to ask the richest to participate in the national effort”, announces the boss of the PS, Olivier Faure

I am fighting to give a majority to the Popular Front.

The gap is narrowing between the RN and the NFP, according to an Ifop survey for
LCI, Monday, 5 points separate you. You believe in victory ?

Yes it’s the phrase of the philosopher Hölderlin, "where danger believes, so does what saves". There was a reaction, an awakening of public opinion which realized the threat.

People realize that the extreme right is no longer at the gates of power, it has got one foot in the door. I believe that the French people are not willing to give all the levers of power to the extreme right.

The processions against the extreme this weekend were, however, far from being as strong as in 2002. That says something there too.

I don't know if we should compare it with 2002. I saw a serious and joyful crowd. Serious because they don't know anything perils that threaten us, joyful because the left comes together to propose another way of living together.

But imagine for just a moment that the extreme right wins in France, that Trump returns to the United States, there is Milei in Argentina, Putin in Russia, Khamenei in Iran, Kim Jong-un in North Korea, Xi Jinping in China, is this the world we want to live in? After Meloni in Italy and Orban in Hungary, if France in turn tilts, this will threaten the balance of Europe and the world.

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