Legislative elections: between the option of maintaining, the choice of withdrawal, or the absence of instructions, the anti-RN shared

Legislative elections: between the option of maintaining, the choice of withdrawal, or the absence of instructions, the anti-RN shared

Des négociations pour réduire l'influence du RN à l'Assemblée nationale. MAXPPP – Thierry Thorel

When the republican front tries to rise from its ashes. Discussions in this direction occupy all staffs, until the submission of applications, set for this Tuesday 6 p.m., at the latest.

Until this Tuesday evening 6 p.m., the deadline for submitting applications, all the questions animating the staffs of the political parties, the candidates themselves, and the voters, revolve around a single issue: the reconstitution, or not, of a republican front to block the National Rally.

And this in the 306 constituencies where potential three-way races are proposed to voters for the second round this Sunday, July 7. To which we must not forget to add four possible four-way races.

And a few hours before the filing of candidacies, two major trends are emerging. Who each embody a vision of the political recompositions to come.

They withdraw, without any exception

This is of course the clearest and most decisive position: the one where the candidates who came in third place withdraw when an RN candidate is about to win.

On Sunday evening, very quickly, the leaders of the main components of the New Popular Front launched an appeal to this effect, without reservation or conditions, to all their potentially affected candidates. An instruction verbalized successively by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Olivier Faure, and Marine Tondelier.

"Systematic withdrawal, for everyone"

In the presidential majority, however, they are in the minority to adopt this attitude. Or we must turn to the left wing of the presidential camp. We find Clément Beaune for example, beaten in Paris on Sunday, and who assured Monday on franceinfo that "the concrete threat for the country is not LFI, but the RN& ;quot;. "Anything that can avoid us" a majority RN, & “we have to do it,” he added, while describing LFI as a party "dangerous".< /p>

Identical positioning on the side of Héraultaise Irène Tolleret, MEP for a few more days, "macronist from the start, from 2016, precisely to fight against the RN", and who told us this Monday: "The only way to avoid the risk of an absolute majority of the RN, is’ rsquo;is systematic withdrawal, for everyone, without exception, including LFI. Even in favor of the most radical of LFI ? But it’is all the easier since they were all elected in the first round !"

And outside political parties, numerous mobilizations have also been activated in this direction since Sunday evening. This was the case for the CFDT which called, "wherever a far-right candidate is present, vote for the candidate opposite who is best placed to win. Whatever his political background". And, on the other hand, without giving voting instructions in the other constituencies.

They withdraw… but not in all cases

Yes to a barrage against the RN, but with nuances once LFI enters the equation. This is a position developed within the presidential majority.

What attitude to adopt if it is necessary to withdraw to leave face to face an RN and a candidate of the New Popular Front from LFI ? The President of the Republic and the Prime Minister they themselves did not clearly explain it. Emmanuel Macron said he wanted a "wide, clearly Democratic and Republican gathering for the second round". Gabriel Attal spoke of a “moral duty” to “prevent the National Rally from having an absolute majority”.

Other figures in the majority have subscribed to the credo “no votes for the National Rally”, but admitting that they would closely observe the pedigree of an LFI candidate for whom it would be necessary to withdraw.

“Case by case”, or “circo by circo”

Yaël Braun-Pivet, the president of the National Assembly, will look at “case by case”, François Bayrou “circo by circo”.
Aurore Bergé sticks to the position she has held since Sunday (withdrawal and blocking the RN, except in front of the LFI candidates), when Bruno Le Maire says"fight" the RN but "not vote"& nbsp;for LFI.

Édouard Philippe chose the option of the double barrage: against the RN, certainly, but against LFI too. "Ni the RN, nor LFI, yes. And we withdraw in favor of socialists or ecologists who are part of the Republican arc. It is part of the construction of the central bloc, but not centrist, which Édouard Philippe calls for. A social, liberal, humanist and European bloc" developed this Tuesday Jean-François Audrin, mayor of Saint-Georges-d’Orques and referent of Horizons , the party of the former Prime Minister in Hérault.

This already foreshadows projects to reconfigure the political landscape which should assert themselves in the days to come. With even more force if no absolute majority in the National Assembly comes out of the polls next Sunday.

They keep up, or they keep quiet

We will also note that certain majority candidates who came third in triangulars with the RN, chose to remain. In Occitania, an emblematic case with the Minister Delegate in charge of Communities and Rurality, Audoise Dominique Faure, candidate in the 10th district of Haute-Garonne, where she is nevertheless ahead of the PS and the RN.

Last possible option, the one chosen by Les Républicains: not giving any voting instructions. But dissensions also emerged among them. For François-Xavier Bellamy, "the danger that threatens our country today is the extreme left". Éric Ciotti congratulated him for this statement.

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