“Legs of a compass” Putin gave a new cause for ridicule

«Ноги циркулем»: Путин дал новый повод для насмешек

Alex golobutsky noticed a strange detail.

Ridiculous pose of Vladimir Putin during a speech on the stage made me think about the health problems, the Russian President, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to politeka.net.

On the day Vladimir Putin spoke on the evening in honor of the 10th anniversary of the special operations Forces of the Russian Federation. However, many drew attention to the strange position in which the Russian President stood during his speech.

«Ноги циркулем»: Путин дал новый повод для насмешек

In particular, this caveat was pointed out by well-known Ukrainian political analyst Alexei holomuzki. He wrote about this in his Facebook.

“And again Putin has something in the mounts stuck: legs with my compass firmly hooked,” he wrote.

The blogger also said that in his speech, Vladimir Putin recalled how his father “heroically” fought in the Second world war.

“Surprisingly, not yet tells how “heroic dad” single-handedly won the “Great Otechestvennoy”. Well, maybe together with Stalin,” – said golobutsky.

«Ноги циркулем»: Путин дал новый повод для насмешек


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