Lemonade cold

Limonade bien froide

Hard to refuse a glass of lemonade cold, especially when it has been concocted with love by the person giving it to you ! What a refreshing way to take care of himself and his guests during the summer ! Keep always a pitcher filled in the fridge.

A lot of juice

The long handles and the gear with two pins that press-lemon create a leverage effect that allows you to extract the juice of a citrus fruit to the last drop, by a slight pressure only. Nicks narrow to retain the pulp and seeds while letting the juice flow freely. This accessory measures 10 inches in length and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

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To each his own lemonade

All members of the family can contribute their portion of lemonade custom picnic, using these four glass bottles to the grounds of lemon 250 ml. Each person aromatisera its a thirst quencher according to their own tastes before you go, with the herbs and fruits of his choice. Basil leaves, fresh raspberries, orange zest, sparkling water… The possibilities are endless.

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In the fridge !

Because of its rectangular shape and its pour spout to facilitate the service, the dealer drinks (3.3-litre) glass easily fits in the refrigerator. As well, a lemonade well chilled waiting for you to quench your thirst each time you open the fridge door. It will suffice to pour into a glass garnished with slices of citrus fruit and ice cubes !

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Plenty of ice cubes

Who says lemonade cold said lots of ice, both in the jug than in your glass. Therefore, it is essential to keep an ice cube tray ready-to-serve in the freezer. This one, Tupperware, allows you to create pretty ice cubes by freezing water or juice, with fruit, herbs or edible flowers. Its flexible bottom easily dislodges the ice cubes, its lid prevents spills and opens it to hinge ensures a filling without overflow.

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Finely grate and peel

This tool is made of stainless steel named CitrusZipper allows both to recover the zest of citrus fruits and peel them without making a mess. The pieces of zest, of different sizes, as well as the neighborhoods of fruit added to the lemonade to contribute a lot of flavors. This is the perfect accessory for preparing a lemonade citrus custom.

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