Leonardo DiCaprio has begun work on his first series

Леонардо Ди Каприо начал работу над своим первым сериалом


Succumbing to the global trend, the actor began work on the series

The days when the series was a launching pad for actors before moving to the world of cinema are long gone. Having in its Treasury an enviable filmography and a decent list of awards, Julia Roberts, Amy Adams, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Matthew McConaughey and other stars of Hollywood A-list take the new rules and sign contracts with HBO and Netflix.

Try yourself in the television genre decided and Leonardo DiCaprio. As it became known today, along with Martin Scorsese, he began work on a new series for Studio Hulu. As Executive producers they filmed the book Eric Larsen’s “Devil in the White city”. The fans hope that DiCaprio will not only be at the helm, but will perform the main role.

To the detective film about the American serial killer Dr. Henry Howard Holmes and architect Daniel H. Barnhome to kill the visitors of the world exhibition 1893 in Chicago, planned 15 years ago, immediately after the book. Then it was assumed that this would be a feature film. The project was developed in various studios, first in Warner Bros., and then to Paramount, but due to issues with the budget were never implemented. Originally, the role was intended for Tom cruise, but in 2010 Leonardo DiCaprio bought the rights to the picture, expressed the desire to bring one of the villains on the screen. And now, after 9 years, the actor has begun work, however, changing the format to the series and own position, became the Executive producer of the film.

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