Leonenko hinted that the referee of the match for the Supercup of Ukraine condemned Shakhtar

Леоненко натякнув, що арбітр матчу за Суперкубок України засудив «Шахтар»

In his opinion, the judge should have been removed in the first half of the player of “Dynamo”, and the second a penalty in gate of Kiev

The expert of the program “Great football” the Viktor Leonenko commented on the controversial episode involving the Dynamo defender Nikita Burda in the match for the Supercup of Ukraine.

In his opinion, in that episode the referee were to remove a player, informs the official website of TV channel “Football 1 / 2”.

“He’s definitely not playing ball. And when a player intentionally plays the ball, the player is a red card. Burda could appendicitis Fernando cut spikes. It needs to disqualify after the fact,” said Leonenko.

In addition, he noted that the referee had to appoint a penalty in gate “the Dynamo” in the episode, when Garmash hooked Marlos into the penalty area and to give “the Dynamo a yellow card.

Leonenko added that an experienced judge does not have to be afraid to call penalties in these episodes.

In addition, according to experts, the error of Andriy Pyatov is not an accident, as a side effect from a style that professes “Shakhtar”.

“An accident would be if he was beaten and missed the ball, and then Pyatov tried to keep the ball. And pressing Dynamo is useless. In most cases the “miner” easily out from under attempts to pressure Kiev,” said Leonenko.

“This is not the first case of such errors, and Fonseca to conclusions. In such episodes is easier to play, not think. You need to knock out one-touch”, – he concluded.

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