Lera Borodina passed the exam to be Frank, Masha Efrosinina: video

Лера Бородина сдала экзамен на откровенность Маше Ефросининой: видео

Lera Borodina

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and blogger Masha Efrosinina, which is actively engaged in your account in Instagram and YouTube channel, often shares with fans the news of his creative and personal life. This time the star has decided to intrigue fans with a new edition of the program “Exam”.

On his page in Instagram Masha Efrosinina published a video, which showed the hottest moments of the interview. Exam to be Frank passed Lera Borodina, founder of rent dresses Oh My Look! and co-founder of b-space G. Bar, mother of two daughters and ex-wife of Anton Lirnyk. It is worth noting that this is the second part of this interview, because one issue not fit all, as told to Mary. Women spoke on various topics: parenting, divorce, relationships, to career, business, and visiting psychologists.

Masha came to make a new edition of the program in white, and blue plaid blouse with her hair. And her guest came to “Exam in a black satin blouse with beautiful hair and light makeup. In the caption to the video she shared with fans his impressions of the guest and thanked those who waited for the second part of this issue.

“Thank you all for patiently waiting for the second part of #test with @borodina! Believe me, it was worth it!!! And even if something so sudden happened that you have not seen the first part, this video JUST really need to look at least for a monologue to Read about it yet another failed marriage! It is cosmically interesting and hilarious! The interview is already on the channel and the link in my profile,” wrote Maria.

Recall hot Masha Efrosinina showed the “strawberry” with her husband.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that anorexic Efrosinina posted a new photo, fans are in a panic.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Efrosinina participate in “Miss Ukraine” but the prize is given to another.


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