Les Louanges: “Music is the thing that makes me feel the most in the world”

Praise: “Music is the thing that makes me most trippy in the world»


Night is a panther, 2018 put it on the radar, here comes that Crashconfirms that he is one of the most exciting young artists of the moment in Quebec. On his second album, Vincent Roberge, alias Les Louanges, chronicles with sincerity and in fifteen titles the turbulence of his life as a young twenty-something star by refining his pop influenced by R&B, funk, jazz and electro music. Conversation with this singer-songwriter from Lévis for whom music comes first.

This album sums up your last three years, so?

“It's called Crash because in retrospect, I realized that each song is an event, positive or negative, that had an impact in my life. Crash, it's real life that gets into you. It's my early twenties. It's an important time because we don't play anymore. If you fall in love, you really fall in love. If you're in pain, you're really in pain. At the same time, I experienced success. This is a dream life that I always wanted. I have had extraordinary experiences. As much as it's hot, I can say that sometimes I didn't necessarily have a very healthy lifestyle. »

This isn't a sex, drug and rock and roll cliché?

“It depends. It's less glamorouswhat we think. You realize you're someone's Friday night every time you do a show, but you experience it four times a week. It can't be your Friday every time. I think I never crossed the line, but I saw that it is not too difficult to escape it (laughs). All the ingredients are there. »

How did you get out of it?

« I am well surrounded and the fact remains that the reason why we do this is is the music. I'm working on my show, I want it to be good. I want the album to be good. It's out of respect for music, which is the thing that makes me feel the most in the world. »

Going back to the album, did the inspiration come easily?

“For the first album, I didn't have a lot of life experience, so I went into fiction a lot. This time I had things to say. Crafting the songs was a great outlet. Art is for self-understanding. It was therefore not difficult to find inspiration for the texts. Afterwards, I worked a lot on the form and my pen. How do you manage to use a language that you find in a text message and that it has as much, if not more, poetic depth and force than a song with 14,000 metaphors? »

You touch dance music for the first time on What are you doing to me Do you want to do more in the future?

“It goes with the idea that I make the music I want to hear. I listen to dance music, electro. This song, with my musical background, was to go in this direction and I had fun doing it. »

How did Corneille end up on the title song?

« Since the first album, we joked that it was the only someone I could featuring with. It was funny because it was not feasible. On the second album, it was achievable and we said to ourselves that I should write to him and it took me a long time, I procrastinated. Finally, he found me before me. We were starting to mix in a studio and he appeared in the parking lot because he was in the studio in the building next door. He approached me and told me that he liked what I do, that he had followed me from the beginning. I said, “OK, I have a song for you”. I explained to him what I wanted to do with the song and what the album was about. He came back to me with a verse that summed up everything perfectly. »

The album Crash, by Les Louanges, is on the market. To find out all the planned concert dates: leslouanges.com


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