Les Olivier: Katherine Levac sends arrows amid humor in a feminist and incisive opening monologue

Les Oliviers: Katherine Levac sends arrows amid humor in a monologue of feminist and incisive openness

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In great shape for the animation of the Les Olivier gala, Katherine Levac did not hesitate to point out her middle in her opening monologue.

“The gala has existed for 24 years. For the first two years, Lise Dion hosted. Then there was no solo female animation for… 22 years. I wondered: what did Lise do that was so serious that they would never rehire a woman again in an environment where it has to be extremely serious for you to never be rehired again? » 

The comedian also targeted Radio-Canada, the broadcaster of the gala, saying how much the network adores her because she ticks several boxes. “I am a French-Canadian woman from the LGBTQ community. Imagine if I was still fat, they would freak out! »

The gala took place in public for the first time in three years and the crowd was visibly happy to attend the evening at the Salle Pierre-Mercure. The spectators warmly applauded the host who succeeded François Bellefeuille. 

In her opening monologue, Katherine Levac also spoke about her recent delivery of twins. “I was told that it was not recommended to host this gala. But my biggest risk is to wear a gala dress after breastfeeding two children. And my biggest challenge is not to piss myself.  

She then compared her two “little hanging breasts” to “little empty tea bags”. “Like Mister Freezes that you want the last drop”. 

Katherine Levac ended her number wanting to spread love. “I'm so bona fide. For example, I went to see Christian Bégin's show. I loved. What is he trying? Let him be. »