Les Violons du Roy are preparing for their return

Les Violons du Roy préparent leur retour

Les Violons du Roy have started to rehearse again. We try things out, it is valid and we are preparing a return on the boards.

All quebecers will participate in a mini-festival of online, 31 July and 1 August, in the company of the Orchestre symphonique de Québec.

Les Violons du Roy will offer two benefits. A first is devoted to the music of the baroque, and a second that will be a tribute to the argentine composer Astor Piazzolla. The concerts, which will be led by the chefs in québec Mélanie Léonard and Luc Beauséjour. It remains to determine in what format these broadcasts will be posted online.

Monday, on the boards of the salle Raoul-Jobin, violinists Marie Bégin, Noëlla Bouchard, Michelle Seto and Nicole Trottier, the cellist Raphaël Dubé and harpsichordist Mélisande McNabney was rehearsing the Concerto for four violins in d major , by Leonardo Leo. A piece that will be on the program, Friday, during a concert on invitation, which will be presented in front of 25 spectators. A first took place on 10 July.

“We’ll try different things. You get used with the concept of distancing. It was time to adapt. It is a lot of novelty at the same time”, admitted, in an interview, Laurent Patenaude, director-general and head of the artistic administration of the Violons du Roy.

“We adapt”

The musicians are forced to wear the mask in the dressing room because the distance is difficult to meet, but they can remove it once they are positioned on the stage.

One tests also the technical equipment that will be used to film and broadcast the concerts.

Laurent Patenaude indicates that there will be two concerts digital Violons du Roy in the fall. Of the concerts that will be presented with public and according to the standards which are in force at that time.

We are not ready, for the moment, to unveil a season 2020-2021. There are a lot of variables. It was two or three scenarios that go until June 2021″, he noted, making reference to a potential second wave that scares them.

Les Violons du Roy have cancelled 16 performances of their season 2019-2020 and the whole thing had a been busy with entries at the Festival de Lanaudière, the Festival international de musique du Domaine Forget and concerts in Ottawa. It has also cancelled a tour of seven shows that had to be presented in April and in may in the United States.

“It is not doing so badly up to now. This is difficult, it is the unknown and now, there’s a lot in this time. It has managed to retain some subsidies, even if the projects were not done. The campaign ticket solidarity has allowed us a financial input totaling 140 000$. We had a goal of$ 50,000. People have been very generous. We feel that the community is behind us and it is a good thing to feel this affection of the public. It is valuable,” he stated.

In the show

The cellist Raphaël Dubé and the violinist Noëlla Bouchard was pleased, last Friday, in front of 25 spectators.

“There were only a few people, and the same decorum was in place for a concert more important”, has launched the violinist, who had not played before an audience since march 12.

An exceptional situation, she said, indicating that the breaks of the concerts lasted usually three or four weeks at the maximum.

The musicians, explains Laurent Patenaude, do not play the same way in front of an audience than in an empty room.

“This is the day and the night. With 20 people, you’re playing in front of the world. It changes everything,” he dropped.

The cellist Raphaël Dubé mentioned that the rehearsals with the measures of distance are more complex. They must get along despite a difference that did not exist before.

“It is a little more difficult, but this is our second week, and it fits”, he remarked.

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