Leshchenko attacked beloved Loboda Lindemann – “I am ashamed”

Лещенко напал на любимого Лободы Линдеманна - "Мне стыдно"

today, 22:57

Soviet and Russian singer Lev Leshchenko criticized the pornographic video clip “Till the End” group of Na chui, the new project leader of Rammstein till Lindemann.

The pop star has stated in an interview with radio station “Moscow speaking”.

Well, Rammstein and Rammstein, of hundreds, you know? But they need to live, so each one offers some conflict things. It is specially made as an irritant of some sort so that once again spoke, once again advertized. It disgusts me, “- said Leshchenko.

Лещенко напал на любимого Лободы Линдеманна - "Мне стыдно"

Lev Leshchenko

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The singer explains that for him such works of art are not new, but still unpleasant.

“I saw such things when the team is rock’ n ‘ roll is making love on stage, but it’s disgusting. There are other audience — bedroom, kitchen, nature, in the end. This is not hypocritical arguments, “- said Leshchenko.

I am ashamed if someone from my relatives or wife, and I have to watch. I can say, “But you’re not looking!” So as not to watch? Anyway, it all appears in the video. Once by chance, even saw it, and already it’s gone. I believe Russia is a moral country, the Orthodox. We have certain morals and principles, so no need to go into someone else’s garden with its statutes. This is a very difficult kind of thing. I believe that it should not be vulgar, dirty. I believe that it is simply immoral principle of art, most likely designed to shock“- summed up the representative of the older variety.

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Recall Sobchak staged Loboda questioning, like the Gestapo, all through Lindemann.

As reported by the portal “Znayu”, the Russians paid dearly for shooting porn clip till Lindemann: “do not mind”, if you kill.

Also “Znayu” wrote that Loboda captured the “terrifying” video, more interesting than Lindemann.

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