Less of music class at school

Moins de cours de musique à la rentrée

The music teachers call upon the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, so that their courses will be maintained in the schools this fall, despite the sanitary measures that must be put in place.

In the last few days, the secondary schools have indicated that they would reduce the number of periods of music offered next year, says Stéphane Proulx, president of the Federation of the association des musiciens éducateurs du Québec (FAMEQ).

This is the case in at least five centres of academic services, he says, including that of the Beauce-Etchemin, where the decrease would be the equivalent of three positions of full-time teachers. However, it has not been possible to confirm this information with the center for academic services Friday.

“We can see that it begins to come tumbling down. We don’t want this to be the tip of the iceberg and will pick up the 15 August with a blaze. It is for that reason that we challenge the minister Roberge “, he says.

In a video message disseminated on social networks, Mr. Proulx asked the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, and to give clear guidelines to the school network so that all forms of education, including that of music, are preserved at the start of the year.

In mid-June, the minister Roberge indicated that all subjects would be taught at the start of the year. At the secondary level, a course in arts is required each year in music, visual arts, or theatre, or dance.

Limited choices

The respect of different health measures complicates, however, the organization of the course schedule. Students should stay in the same group throughout the day, which limits the choice of courses.

However, solutions exist, and pleads the FAMEQ. The evidence, schools manage to maintain all of their music courses next year, ” says Mr. Proulx.

The cabinet of the minister Roberge, one wishes that a maximum amount of music lessons can be offered to students in spite of constraints. Working with partners in the school network is continuing, said.

It has not been possible to obtain comments on this subject on the part of the Fédération québécoise des directions d educational institutions.

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