Lesson of humility and humanity

Leçon d’humilité et d’humanité

He is friendly, curious, quick-witted, almost braggart. And he is disabled. While a character is staged in The hope of beauty !

A little more and you’d have to deal with a novel austere. The back cover announces, does it not, that it will be about the search of meaning, of vulnerability, of God ?

And in just a few pages ago, after a first dialogue between the protagonist of the story, and God met him in his dreams, boom ! back on Land ! The hero comes to tumbling on the floor, fallen from his bed. Landing missed !

But it’s not correct, since the man is paralyzed. It is 3: 35 p.m., the officer of the morning will be there at 7 a.m. Just the time necessary for distressing, finishing off even yelled at God.

And it wakes up the neighbor from above, who decides to call 911 ! Ten minutes later, two police officers arrive, the neighbor on the heels. The man welcomes them with a sense of humor while irony. “That night, you fell from the top and it will be difficult for you to accept,” says the story, written entirely in ” you “.

Thus begins the day of this man, of whom we will never know the name. One eventful day, because the visitors will be : the attendants who take care of him, his brother, his best friend, an ex-lover, and again the next.

The ride of his life

And without even moving from his wheelchair, the man will make the round of his life, referring to his dystrophy which was finished by many to diminish. At the same time, it will make the tour of the company. We see it differently when it is confined to his apartment !

This observation, we’ve all done these last few months. The beautiful novel of Andrée Laberge allows for further reflection.

His character is a scientist who missed his career as a researcher, too busy, younger, to drown his problems of health in the alcohol. He became sober, but retained a thirst to understand.

However, nice surprise, her neighbor is a physicist in retirement. It makes him want to get to know it : you have to see them dive together in the space thanks to the NASA website !

But the man is also a cabotin, who danced once on the Mick Jagger playing the troubadour of the Middle Ages, history of laughter friends and seduce women. A poet hidden beneath a red cape.

He kept his love of words. Those who flew in sharp lines, those who entertain, those who comfort, those who question, those who doubt. It will explore the full range with its visitors of the day.

It is necessary to go smoothly : the man has a schedule to adhere to if he does not want his body and even his mind ankylosent. Not improvisation, not carefree… But in life, he measured that day, is never really frozen.

All of this weaves together a novel of hope, of impressive humanity.

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