Lesya Nikityuk showed his grandmother

Леся Никитюк впервые показала свою бабушку

Grandma leading declassified her personal life.Known Ukrainian TV presenter Lesya Nikityuk came to relatives in Hmelnitsky area and went to visit his grandmother, who at Christmas celebrated the 84th birthday.

In InstaStories it showed how communicating with the elderly relative to the camera, lift the veil of secrecy over his personal life.

In particular, the grandmother of Lesya Nikityuk confirmed that she later came home after the disco and not one, but accompanied by the gentlemen who drove grandfather. Especially the old woman remembered one of the suitors, sowomen – Basil. He was yelling about not wanting to go into the army, and his loud statements ran everything.

Les suggested that the young man could refuse to repay the Motherland for her and her grandmother did not deny this fact.

Also fans Lesia learned that her family never gets a future star and not punish her.

Леся Никитюк впервые показала свою бабушку

Леся Никитюк впервые показала свою бабушку

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