Lesya Nikityuk showed what was in her mouth, “EW, that’s disgusting”

Леся Никитюк показала, что оказалось у нее во рту: "Фу, какая гадость"

Lesya Nikityuk JetSetter

today, 19:02

Known Ukrainian TV presenter and traveler Lesya Nikityuk, who works on New channel, often pleases the audience with bright posts in his Instagram. So, this time beauty showed photos and video from China, but rather demonstrated what it is there buying. And in the signature described in detail the names of the dishes.

As you can see, Les is sitting in a cafe, and on the table a few dishes that it tastes. In front of the camera, the TV star appeared in a simple attire of grey jeans and a black hoodie. She’s holding on the fork a piece of food and smiling sweetly at the camera. And then, if you scroll through the post, you can see all her meals in close proximity. And I must say, they are rather disgust than appetite. “A healthy Breakfast in Chinese! Only for girls. Soup black crow and his nest. The head of a duck and its egg. Dumplings with cow’s udder” – of course Les is joking, and fans began to discuss her photo.

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Леся Никитюк показала, что оказалось у нее во рту: "Фу, какая гадость"

We will remind, fun Lesya Nikityuk covered his naked body with the bun.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that the chest nikitiuk almost fell out of dresses.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Lesya Nikityuk showed perfect body in Egypt, could outshine Cleopatra.

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