Lesya Nikityuk tasted in China miracle tincture: “As for me”

Леся Никитюк отведала в Китае чудо-настойки: "Как меня вставило"

Lesya Nikityuk JetSetter

today, 16:20

Well-known Ukrainian TV host, traveler and lover of the public Lesya Nikityuk often pleases the audience in the Instagram highlights of my life. Recently, the beauty went on a trip to China, where posting photos of their adventures. So, Nikityuk showed followers than it treated the Chinese, and she arranged the new year’s eve photo shoot from decorated Christmas trees. And this time shared that tasted miracle tincture that it “stuck”.

The new photos on the social network Les sits at a table and smiling sweetly at the camera. Her dark sweatshirt, and on the head element of the Chinese national costume is a bright big hat. Before you star on the table is an unusual decanter with the most wonderful infusion of Shen Zhen, which nikitiuk says in the comments to the photo. Les admitted that it was “inserted” from this drink. “Guys like me. That night no one slept, neither I nor my friend Olya, or Chinese. He Chinese have never tried tinctures, she has been at it 20 years! He was so scared for her actions the next day gave us,” said the star.

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We will remind, fun Lesya Nikityuk covered his naked body with the bun.

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