Lesya Nikityuk told how much her outfit

Леся Никитюк рассказала, сколько стоит ее наряд

She asked me to assess the way.

Ukrainian TV presenter and showwomen Lesya Nikityuk, which boasted the coveted trophy returned from a luxury holiday in the Maldives, however, has continued to delight subscribers vacation photos. So, “the goddess of the laminate” demonstrated in his Instagram resort look in the budget outfit, and asked fans to rate him, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to RBC.

In the picture Les is on the sand on the beach in evening satin mini dress steel blue color with an asymmetrical neckline and one sleeve. In the hands of the artist holding a bag of wood, and the hair she combed smoothly and removed behind the ears. From shoes star refused and was photographed barefoot.

“Comment bow! Dress UAH 750, bag$ 25, hair – styling with water from the Indian ocean. Super – set heart suck – turd” – written by leading.

Леся Никитюк рассказала, сколько стоит ее наряд

The majority of followers a celebrity quite liked it, but there were also those who criticized it.

“Beach party!”;

“Because you cannot be in the world krasivooo sooo. the fire bow!!!!) And you’re a star!!!”;


“Lesyunya, You pid eisberg Hoch, Hoch pid tree are all one – of Krasna – Krasna!”;

“The economy option!!! Looks cool!!!”;

“With such a figure is possible though in a bag from – under potatoes to go and will still be beautiful. Her sense of humor is super!!!”;

“Les , sukna super, super red tape!! All is well,” say the users of the network.

Леся Никитюк рассказала, сколько стоит ее наряд

However, not all share this opinion.

“I think that dress is currently not very good! Hairstyle Ala zalazane ice cream(((“;

“The dress did not like. If not a lot longer and identified the waist – it would be quite another matter”;

“The purse – the budget for the Passover”;

“Les after a shower in nightie and with bread 🙂 But good :)”;

“I wouldn 775$ bought. Even 30 would not buy))) But if to say if you…you look great as you are tall, shapely, beautiful, bright. So first see you, then your clothes!”;

“Sweetie that dress, leave the sheets the maids and come home,” expressed his impressions subscribers.

Леся Никитюк рассказала, сколько стоит ее наряд

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