Lesya Nikityuk “tried on” a new profession: it was huge syringe

Леся Никитюк "примерила" новую профессию: принесли огромный шприц

today, 20:50

Well-known leading Ukrainian Lesya Nikityuk in the new program, admitted that he wanted to be a veterinarian. This was reported by the press service of the New channel.

About his unfulfilled dream of leading the New channel told the program “Le Bus”.

Леся Никитюк "примерила" новую профессию: принесли огромный шприц

Lesya Nikityuk traveled to his native Khmelnitsky region and saw the guy under the rain on the highway. Leading felt sorry for him, to soak in something unpleasant, she asked uncle Bodiu to give a lift to a stranger. Vlad, was the name of the guy who said that works on the sheep farm vet.

Леся Никитюк "примерила" новую профессию: принесли огромный шприц

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“Vlad, what are you going to do? Maybe I’m in something will help? – the leader asked. – Once dreamed to be a vet, but I slept through the exam.”

Леся Никитюк "примерила" новую профессию: принесли огромный шприц

So, the TV star helped with the vaccination of animals. The forest gave a huge syringe and she was able to get a shot the sheep. Thus in contrast to the peaceful animal, Nikityuk experienced real stress.

Recall, Lesya Nikityuk discovered a unique Church-a pyramid.

As reported Know. ua Nikityuk lit very intimate photos our fans liked it.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Lesya Nikityuk with the tennis player Svitolina was doing an unusual thing.

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