“Let go and put in a lot of fight”: the offensive speech from the Béziers Angels coach

“Let go and put in a lot of fight”: the offensive speech from the Béziers Angels coach

Les Béziers Angels devront gagner en trois ou quatre manches pour accrocher le Golden Set. Midi Libre – SYLVIE CAMBON

Imperative victory for the Béziers Angels, this Tuesday (7:30 p.m.), in the quarter-final of the CEV Cup. The Béziers coach speaks on the eve of this major European meeting.

How do you explain Saturday's defeat (2-3) against Terville-Florange ?

It was physically complicated. I think we paid for all the trips and matches over the last few days. It’s a bit of a shame because we had the match in hand in the fourth set, but I felt a certain lack of energy and therefore lucidity at certain moments. We still take a point, which allows us to leave Terville-Florange behind us. It was the bare minimum, we obviously hoped to do a little better. But we must accept that by dint of running behind all the tables, there may be periods that are a little more difficult.

Now, let's head to this quarter-final second leg of the CEV Cup. What do you expect from your players ?

Let them repeat what they did on the way out. We really showed great things in terms of quality of play and service level, even being above Lodz on certain sequences. We will have to let go, put in a lot of fight and simply be a little more killer in the decisive moments. I think the first set will be very important. Winning it would give us confidence and would surely put a little doubt in the opposing minds. We know it will be difficult, facing a strong team and very high level girls. But if we play a full match for two hours or more, I believe there will be something to go for.

D’as much as you have already experienced this scenario during the two previous rounds, with this obligation to win.

That's true, even if the situation was still a little more favorable since we lost the first leg in five sets. There, we will have no choice. You will have to win 3-0 or 3-1 to grab the Golden Set. It won't be easy, but with Sunday's day off and the support of our fans, we have to believe in it.

Kick-off at 7:30 p.m. at the sports center (opening from 6 p.m.).

Instructions for the qualification

The loyal supporters of the Béziers Angels are starting to play. get used to this scenario. As in the two previous rounds facing each other, Porto and Belgrade, Fabien Simondet's players will have no choice and will absolutely have to win to continue their European adventure in the CEV Cup. À The difference is that this time, a success will not be enough to directly obtain their qualification. Beaten (3-1) in Poland in the first leg, the Béziers Angels will have to win in three or four sets to secure a Golden Set. A victory in five sets or a defeat on any score is synonymous with elimination at the gates of the final square.

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