Let’s be negative !

Soyons négatifs !

My girlfriend and I, we went to take the test for the COVID-19 at the end of the week.

No symptoms or concerns, but we’re about to go visit our families in a cold region and you don’t want to bring germs not for the big city to people who do not need it. When we called the clinic COVID to make an appointment, we were told that it was a good enough reason to get tested.

Cotton swab

Arriving at the appointed hour in the parking lot of the garage disused where it is installed, no waiting.

The door to which it directs us rises to let our vehicle, and there, we find ourselves in a full-film of epidemic, if the genre interests you.

The staff is hyper friendly case, almost dressed in a combination of ” HAZMAT “, through full of devices that seem to be on the cutting edge of technology.

I was so excited, I couldn’t stop to interrupt the nurse who asked me my carte soleil to tell them how I found their impressive facility.

We advance even a little, it stops the vehicle, and then the instrument of torture comes in : a long and thin cotton swab that we get in the throat, then in the bottom of the nose.

We appreciate that even when it is in this order…

I gag easily, so I had to talk to me a little, but I was still surprised to see it as a “cue tip” could go deep into a nose. I think that the sinus is tickling again.

Small history

And then, in less time than it takes to say ” swab “, one comes out by another door. Precisely 24 hours later, he calls me to tell me the result : negative.

Me who was trying however to stay positive since the beginning of the pandemic !

In short, an experience that is both banal and special, which is now part of the little story of the tens of millions of people on a global scale.

In all cases, if one has a doubt, there is no reason to avoid it.

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