Let's talk about alcohol

Let's talk about alcohol

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Co-founders of the Ensobre Ta Vie program, Amélie Fontaine and Nathalie Lesage share with you their tips and advice to regain control of your relationship with alcohol. & nbsp;

Are you one of the people who have lined up to get supplies at the SAQ since the start of the pandemic? Are you one of those people who have started drinking alcohol a little more frequently or in larger quantities in the past few months?

Don't panic!

Although alcoholism is a well-recognized disease, we notice that many people find themselves in a gray area when it comes time to talk about alcohol consumption. & Nbsp;

This area where we know that we drink a little too often, a little more than we should, occasionally exceeding the amounts of consumption recommended by Éduc'Alcool, but where we do not feel the physical need to drink alcohol every days. & nbsp;

We know that alcohol does us a disservice, but we don't want to talk about it because we are functional in life and we do not want to wear the alcoholic label. & nbsp;

If these lines speak to you, you are in the same place where we were not so long ago!

Bad habits

Your brain has become accustomed to associating alcohol with a reward or even a way of dealing with your emotions. & nbsp;

Quietly you've gotten used to looking forward to happy hour because you know you're finally going to be able to unwind from your day.

After all, on your way back home. home, you can easily pick up your liquor at the grocery store or convenience store. & nbsp;

From the comfort of your own home, you can pour yourself a drink and watch the characters from your favorite soap opera do the same thing you. Finally, in your social life, alcohol can easily be omnipresent.

Better relationship

We hear, many people have no need to revisit their relationship with alcohol. They drink in a social way or to accompany a good meal from time to time, and very rarely exceed their limit. However, if you want a better relationship with alcohol, you will enjoy reading our column. & Nbsp;

Life sometimes puts pitfalls and trials in our path that make us more fragile, more likely to use alcohol as a crutch. Because alcohol numbs the senses and makes us feel like we are doing better temporarily … & nbsp;

Although we know it well, alcohol is a temporary solution to our problems and not does nothing to improve our lot … & nbsp;

You too can take the driver's seat, get your hands on the wheel of your life. We are proof that it is possible. & Nbsp;

We are now free and feeling the benefits of a healthy lifestyle without alcohol, which is much more interesting than we imagined! & Nbsp ;

Through this column, we will share our most effective tips and tricks to help you regain your freedom from alcohol consumption. & nbsp;

See you soon! & nbsp;

Amélie et Nathalie

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