Letter to graduates

Lettre aux gradués

After several years of studying hard, you were waiting with impatience the surrender of the diploma, as coveted.

You were hoping for an evening of graduation memorable. You have been dreaming of poignant moments and last braces poignant, even heart-wrenching, before you continue, the heart a tight, each of your destiny. We all had a right to this rite of passage certainly symbolic, but nevertheless essential to close a chapter before opening the next.

In your case, the COVID-19 you brutally stolen this ritual, almost sacred.


In contrast, the pandemic has made you the gift of two lessons that are infinitely more useful than the most inspiring speech of graduation. Lessons that are not usually included, although later in life, at the turn of events and disappointments.

Three months ago, you were making plans on the assumption that nothing and no one could outsmart them. You thought you were free and in control of your life.

Then everything changed on march 13. It took the government a short announcement to disrupt your daily life and disrupt society. In a few words, he has taken charge of your freedoms the most fundamental in the name of the common good.

Do not forget ever that the freedoms are fragile. They are never acquired. You will need to protect them, maybe even beat you to the keep.


You have also been able to note that experts of all kinds were ultimately no real certainty. They are able to say with confidence one thing and its opposite.

So learn to doubt everyone. Always check the information which circulates, locate the dogmas and ask them. The truth is always more complex and more nuanced than the simplified versions, or even manichean, that it presents us with the reality.

The pandemic is a stressful experience that will leave its mark. Take the opportunity to win 20 years of maturity and wisdom !

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